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12 November 2019
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Keep it clustered
The industry faces a number of barriers in terms of pricing, as well as reimbursement, continued patent expirations and challenging market dynamics. In response to these, biotech clusters have become an increasingly important part of research and development strategies. Louise Thomas explores the factors that have led to the rise of these hubs and what they offer for the industry.

The fourth wave
A lot has been written on big data and industry 4.0, and how they are rapidly transforming a number of different industries. However, not so much attention has been paid to how industry 4.0 solutions can be applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing. Emma Green speaks to Karen Taylor, director of the Centre for Health Solutions at Deloitte, about how these technologies can improve productivity, while minimising waste and risks.

Child’s play
Meeting both regulatory and patient needs in packaging of pharmaceuticals can be highly challenging for manufacturers, especially in the case of child-resistant packaging. There are terms of legislation and certification processes to consider. Lynette Erb speaks to Stephen Wilkins, CEO of the Child Safe Packaging Group, to discuss meeting said requirements.

Weather the storm
Global pharmaceutical supply chains are weak; there are many manufacturing issues and a lack of incentives to continue to produce less profitable but necessary medicines. Allie Nawrat explores how we can ensure that global supply chains are prepared to survive the next pandemic, natural disaster or trade war.

A breath of fresh air
Transporting pharmaceutical products by air requires complex logistical processes, specific equipment, storage facilities and harmonised handling procedures to maintain shipment integrity. Despite the recent trend towards sea freight, the evolving technological landscape is changing the game. Amy Shortman, CEO of ASC Associates, speaks to Emma Green about both the challenges and opportunities for the industry.

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