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Keep it eco

Recent technological advances have brought improvements to cold chain logistics – but with aviation remaining a major part of pharma supply chains, the industry is under pressure to reduce its carbon footprint. Andrea Valentino speaks to Frank Van Gelder of Pharma. Aero and Dorethe Nielse of Novo Nordisk to learn how pharma aviation can deliver more sustainable practices – and how sustainable fuel is only one part of the puzzle.

Tracking safety

As one of the most regulated industries on earth, safety and effectiveness of medication is of the utmost importance across global pharma. One way of ensuring safety is traceability in the pharma supply chain: the process of tracking and tracing the movement of pharmaceuticals. Andrea Valentino speaks to experts across the sector to understand how it is leveraging technology to implement robust traceability systems – and why digitalisation and data can’t succeed independently of broader stakeholder management.

Powder analysis: The next level

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, many critical parameters determine the successful formulation of powders for oral dosage, among them flowability, solubility, consistency, purity and stability. All play a role in the dissolution or distribution of pharmaceutical materials, so scientists must carefully consider how to optimise these characteristics. Jennifer Bentham examines the latest research on surface characterisation methods for pharmaceutical powders, how it influences mechanical tablet properties and whether current techniques highlight any limitations.

Atomic shift

When creating new pharmaceutical drugs, replacing a carbon atom with a nitrogen atom could make an immense difference and drastically change how the drug interacts with the body, from reaching the brain easier or preventing it from attracting the wrong proteins. While current methods are tricky and costly, recent studies have come up with potential methods to solve this. Phoebe Galbraith speaks to Tyler Pearson about his findings and their potential for drug development.

Patch things up

Researchers from the University of North Carolina have created a new drug delivery system called the Spatiotemporal On-Demand Patch (SOP), which can receive wireless commands from a smartphone or computer to schedule and trigger drug release from individual microneedles. Resembling a Band-Aid, this new drug delivery patch is designed with comfort and convenience in mind for chronically ill patients. Monica Karpinski speaks to Wubin Bai, assistant professor of applied physical sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Richard Guy, professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Bath, to find out more about the SOP’s development and its potential for improved drug delivery for patients.

Revolution in pharma

The adoption of Pharma 4.0 technology is accelerating as pharmaceutical companies look to optimise processes, reduce costs, improve quality and foster innovation. But many are being held back because they’re not convinced that they can justify the initial investment. Here, Elly Earls speaks to Pharma 4.0 experts Ryan Thompson and Yvonne Duckworth from CRB Group to find out about both the tangible and intangible benefits of implementing intelligent technologies and why technology adoption must be combined with organisational and operational changes to achieve measurable gains.

Dealing with rare diseases

Globally, there are over 300 million patients living with rare diseases, but they often lack appropriate drug delivery devices. Many are provided with standard syringes and vials that are not suitable for their treatment needs. Abi Millar speaks to Dr Anneliene Jonker, vice chair of the Therapies Scientific Committee at the International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC), to find out what needs these patients have within the drug delivery space and what injection devices are being developed with rare diseases in mind.

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Genezen Enters Licensing Agreement with CSL for the Cytegrity™ Stable Lentivirus Production System

Licensing of a proven stable producer system for lentiviral vector production represents a significant investment in next-generation technology for Genezen, offering its clients immediate access to cutting edge technology for stable and scalable high-titer clinical lentivirus production.