CPhI Worldwide closed its doors on its landmark 30th edition at the Messe Frankfurt, with pre-audit figures showcasing a record total attendance of 48,961 – 84% of which were international.

This year’s event saw a number of key indicators pointing to a strong year ahead for pharma in 2020. CPhI Worldwide is widely recognised as a barometer of pharma’s overall health – with the addition of BioProduction it is the only platform to cover all parts of the industry supply chain – and a strong event is reflective of a prosperous pharma sector.

In total, the event saw more than 170 countries represented, with 20 country pavilions, and 100+ content sessions spanning six different major events: CPhI Worldwide (ingredients), ICSE (contract services), P-MEC (machinery), InnoPack (packaging), FDF (finished dose), and BioProduction for bioprocessing and biomanufacturing.

Looking deeper at what changes the industry could undergo in the near future, the CPhI Worldwide conference agenda explored a number of trends effecting the industry. One session pointed to the potential increase in value-added medicines (VAM), such as using existing molecules in new therapies for novel applications, as a good opportunity. Aurelio Arias, IQVIA senior consultant and panellist in the “Future of Medicine: What Are the Therapies of Tomorrow?” session, suggested that a primary driver is the cost of novel therapies, which is putting ever-increasing pressure on healthcare budgets. Similarly, Thomas Solbach, Managing Director and Partner at Strategy&, believes that the future of healthcare will be disrupted by patient driven technology, with emphasis on preventive medicine, early diagnostics and the patient experience.

Orhan Caglayan, Brand Director at CPhI Worldwide added: “This year we saw another record breaking 48,961 attendance, and the industry is looking extremely healthy across the board – from NCEs and generics to finished product and API manufacturing. There’s a real confidence in all segments of the industry. Pharmaceutical machinery also made significant strides this year, with double the number of exhibitors we have seen in any other year. Next year, we will be hosting CPhI Worldwide in Milan for the first time in over a decade. It is the ideal time to return to Italy, as the industry in this country reaches record production volumes, and coupled with the wider macro trends, we anticipate a hugely successful 2020 for both the pharma industry and CPhI Worldwide.”