Antengene, a commercial-stage global biopharmaceutical company, and Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Company have collaborated for the commercialisation of Antengene’s product Xpovio within mainland China.

Xpovio, designed to treat adult patients with relapsed and/or refractory multiple myeloma, stands as the inaugural orally-available, selective inhibitor of the nuclear export protein XPO1 to receive approval globally.

Distinguished by its unique mechanism of action, Xpovio delivers synergistic benefits within combination treatment approaches, characterised by swift onset of action and sustained, enduring responses.

As per the agreement’s terms, Antengene will retain its responsibilities for research and development, regulatory approvals and affairs, product supply, and distribution of Xpovio. In contrast, Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Company will hold exclusive responsibility for the commercialisation of Xpovio within mainland China.

Antengene is set to receive upfront payments totalling up to CNY200m. Of this amount, CNY100m will be received upon the signing of the agreement. Subsequently, Antengene could become eligible for the remaining CNY100m of upfront payments, contingent upon the fulfilment of the agreement’s terms and conditions.

Additionally, subject to specific milestones being met, Antengene has the potential to receive milestone payments from Hansoh Pharma, which could amount to up to CNY 535m.

Antengene will continue to record revenue generated from the sales of XPOVIO in mainland China. In return for their services, Hansoh Pharma will impose a service fee on Antengene.

Antengene founder, chairman, and CEO Dr Jay Mei said: “Our collaboration with Hansoh Pharma further strengthens our confidence in the market potential of the First and Only-in-class XPO1 inhibitor Xpovio in the mainland of China.

“Through collaborating with Hansoh Pharma, we will leverage their well-established commercialisation infrastructure to make Xpovio more accessible to patients in the mainland of China.

“Given Antengene’s plans to apply for inclusion into the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) for Xpovio in the near future, and the broad indication expansion potential of XPOVIO, it is crucial to ensure that XPOVIO┬« could reach as many cities, hospitals and prescribers, and benefit as many patients as possible.

“We believe this collaboration with Hansoh Pharma will not only enhance assess of Xpovio but also lead to commercial success in the mainland of China.”

Hansoh Pharma executive director Yuan Sun said: “Hansoh Pharma is excited to enter into this partnership with Antengene and is committed to bringing Xpovio to more patients in China.

“We believe that Xpovio is a drug with great commercial potential, addressing huge unmet medical needs for those hematologic patients in China.

“In addition to obtaining approvals in multiple countries and regions globally for multiple myeloma and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, Xpovio has indication expansion potential in myelofibrosis, endometrial cancer, as well as T/NK-cell lymphoma.

“We look forward to collaborating with Antengene and make Xpovio available to the widest possible number of Chinese patients with haematological malignancies.”