UK-based AstraZeneca has launched Evinova, a new digital health solutions business within the company that aims to provide digital products and services to the life sciences and healthcare sector.

Evinova will offer evidence-based digital health solutions to pharma, biotech, and clinical research organisations (CROs) to support clinical research worldwide.

The new entity will benefit from the long-term support from AstraZeneca and strategic collaborations with global CROs and tech companies.

It will leverage AstraZeneca’s experience in developing novel therapeutics and insights from thousands of patients and clinical researchers.

Evinova has already signed agreements with Parexel and Fortrea for its digital health solutions.

It is also collaborating with Ireland-based tech firm Accenture and US-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expand the global reach of its digital products.

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot said: “We believe Evinova’s combination of scientific expertise and track record in developing AI-enabled digital technologies at scale, provides a real opportunity to fundamentally improve patient care, drive healthcare transformation and reduce carbon emissions.”

Evinova aims to promote the established and scaled digital technology solutions that are already being used by AstraZeneca worldwide to optimise clinical trial design and delivery.

It will combine AstraZeneca’s clinical and regulatory experience with its expertise in digital product development, data science, AI, user experience design and behavioural science.

The company will also pursue opportunities in digital remote patient monitoring and digital therapeutics with a portfolio of digital advances.

In addition to digital solutions, Evinova will offer custom scientific solutions, such as remote patient monitoring and novel endpoint solutions, along with clinical trial design and consulting.

Its products include Evinova drug development suite, Evinova unified trial solution, Evinova study design and planning, and Evinova portfolio management.

Evinova president Cristina Duran said: “We are excited to bring the portfolio of globally-scaled digital solutions developed to serve AstraZeneca’s drug development pipeline to the wider life sciences community.

“We believe this will help propel the sector forward in digital health, as we know healthcare professionals and regulators need digital solutions that work across pharma and support patients broadly.

“Coming from within the sector and with proven experience, Evinova will be uniquely placed to deliver science-based, evidence-led and human experience-driven solutions with the aim of improving patient experience and outcomes.”