Bayer has expanded its worldwide supply chain network with the introduction of a new €130m manufacturing facility, which is situated at the company’s global pharmaceutical headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

The facility is equipped with advanced technology, innovative production methods, and automated processes. Its inauguration marks a significant achievement in the implementation of Bayer’s global manufacturing strategy, particularly focused on pharmaceutical liquid dosage forms like injection and infusion solutions.

Bayer board member and pharmaceuticals division head Stefan Oelrich said: “It is of crucial importance that Germany and Europe pursue a clear strategy of a future-oriented innovation policy. Bayer is investing here in research and production to secure future business while strengthening the innovative power in the region.”

As part of a billion-dollar investment programme, the company is reinforcing its global pharmaceutical production network and enhancing its innovative capabilities through the implementation of the project.

Berlin governing mayor Kai Wegner said: “It is great to see a German company like Bayer driving innovation in Berlin. This investment not only demonstrates loyalty to the location but also strengthens our city as a renowned health metropolis. It sends a clear signal from the economic and healthcare hub of Berlin.

“With the commissioning of the new pharmaceutical production facility, the commitment to advanced technologies and medical research is further expanded. The successful development of the healthcare industry creates more jobs and benefits our metropolitan region as a whole.”

Bayer’s recently established production facility is grounded in an innovative platform technology that encompasses a broad spectrum of chemically and biologically derived parenteral products.

The manufacturing process, characterised by a high degree of digitisation, facilitates the secure, rapid, and sterile formulation, filling, and freeze-drying of pharmaceuticals.

The facility boasts a highly automated filling machine, driven by robotic technology, ensuring the efficient and dependable production of medications. This system is designed to expedite the journey of pharmaceuticals from conceptualisation to market and, ultimately, to the patients.

The facility strategically caters to critical manufacturing needs in areas with high medical demand, particularly in fields like ophthalmology. Its purpose extends to supplying markets in the US, Europe, and China in the foreseeable future.

Bayer executive committee pharmaceuticals member and pharmaceuticals division product supply head said: “The new facility is a significant milestone for our production network. It ensures that high-quality drug forms are available in sufficient quantities, that supply chains become more reliable and efficient and that patients around the world have greater security of supply.

“The innovative design of the production enables maximum flexibility for the formulation and filling of aseptic products.”

Situated in Germany at Bayer’s global pharmaceutical headquarters in Berlin, the facility holds a pivotal position as a key global production site for the company. It is undergoing transformation into a global “Center of Excellence for Parenterals.”

The Berlin production site assumes a critical role in the production and packaging of both liquid and solid pharmaceuticals, playing a crucial role in maintaining the global market supply.