US-based medical technology company Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has acquired MedKeeper to provide cloud-based, connected pharmacy software.

MedKeeper is engaged in providing advanced, flexible, and economical cloud-based pharmacy management applications to hospital pharmacies.

Through the acquisition, BD will add MedKeeper’s platform to its existing portfolio of connected medication management capabilities.

The company has already been offering solutions in compounding, logistics workflow, controlled substance management and inventory optimisation.

BD said that the acquisition of MedKeeper will complement its existing presence in the pharmacy solutions area.

BD medication management solutions worldwide president Mike Garrison said: “Preparing the right dose for patients requires a combination of factors, including personnel, training, and compliance.

“Pharmacy leaders require IV workflow management technology that is personalized to their needs and works within their environment.

“Adding MedKeeper to our portfolio will enable us to offer our customers easy-to-use, customizable solutions that make meaningful and incremental progress in IV workflow management.”

The acquisition, which combines MedKeeper’s platform with BD’s technology expertise, will help the companies to optimise the preparation of compounded medications.

Currently, most pharmacies use a combination of both manual and technical tools for their IV workflow management system.

Together with the MedKeeper platform, BD’s Medication Management Solutions portfolio will be further strengthened to deliver solutions to best address customers’ needs.

Furthermore, BD and MedKeeper would provide pharmacy customers with flexibility and capabilities for preparing compounded medications, as per the latest regulatory guidance.

Garrison added: “Demands in today’s pharmacy environment, such as Covid-impacted labour shortages and changing regulatory requirements, have further exacerbated the need for customisable pharmacy software solutions to support flexible, directed workflow, inventory tracking and reporting needs in sterile and non-sterile compounding.

“Manual, time-consuming procedures that might once have been ‘good enough’ now can be replaced and augmented by software that enables pharmacists to provide a higher standard of care.”