BrightInsight, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) platform for biopharma and medtech, has entered into a global digital health partnership with biopharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca.

As part of the collaboration, AstraZeneca has selected regulated BrightInsight platform for its growing portfolio of digital health products and services.

The platform is designed to drive enhanced patient adherence and engagement across therapeutic areas.

BrightInsight CEO and co-founder Kal Patel said: “From our code to culture, BrightInsight is committed to supporting regulated digital health solutions across therapeutic areas, and we are honored to be selected by AstraZeneca to be its global digital health partner.

“This partnership is an additional validation point that forward-thinking therapeutics companies like AstraZeneca see the value in leveraging the BrightInsight Platform, a scalable regulated IoT platform specifically designed for biopharma and medtech.”

BrightInsight and AstraZeneca will work in the area of chronic disease management

BrightInsight said that its platform has been developed under a quality management system to support regulated use cases.

The platform has been designed to enable its biopharma and medtech customers to develop and host digital health devices, apps, algorithms and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), while maintaining compliance with privacy, security and regulatory requirements across the globe.

On top of the BrightInsight platform, AstraZeneca is expected to develop apps, algorithms, Software as a Medical Device and connected devices, to enhance and personalise care while making overall healthcare delivery more efficient for patients and providers.

The companies are expected to work in the area of chronic disease management as first major program under the collaboration.

AstraZeneca chief commercial digital officer and global vice president Karan Arora said: “We quickly dismissed the concept of building our own custom platform so we could focus instead on developing transformational digital health solutions that bring to the forefront our deep-rooted history in science and focus on driving patient outcomes.

“We selected BrightInsight because its pre-built, compliant platform accelerates our time to market while allowing us to focus on digital health innovation and leveraging our clinical know-how to improve patient outcomes instead of the underlying infrastructure.”