Certara, a model-informed drug development company, has agreed to acquire Chemaxon, a provider of cheminformatics software, to bolster its drug discovery software portfolio.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Chemaxon provides platforms, solutions, and applications for handling chemical entities in diverse sectors. These include life sciences, agrochemicals, biotechnology, new materials, education, and other research industries.

The company develops software for chemical structure drawing, property prediction, search, and analysis.

Adopted by research scientists globally, the company’s software helps digitise the design, make, test, and analyse (DMTA) lifecycle, facilitating the discovery of new chemical leads.

Chemaxon’s suite of products enhances the capture and processing of chemical information, amplifying its utility and facilitating more effective decision-making across life sciences and research and development (R&D) environments.

Certara and Chemaxon have been partners for 10 years, delivering integrated solutions to the life sciences sector.

The acquisition is said to strategically position Certara within the drug discovery biosimulation market at scale. It complements Certara’s existing biosimulation portfolio, which is used in later stages of drug development.

Both companies will provide life sciences companies with a comprehensive data and predictive analytics platform.

Additionally, the partnership will enhance decision-making from initial discovery to commercialisation.

Certara CEO William Feehery said: “The combination of Chemaxon and Certara unites two complementary businesses with a shared mission of reducing drug development costs and risks to develop new medicines faster.

“Together, we can enhance prediction and analytical capabilities in drug discovery by leveraging biosimulation and generative AI.”

Certara expedites medicines through biosimulation software, technology, and services, revolutionising conventional drug discovery and development processes.

The company serves over 2,400 biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and regulatory agencies across 66 countries.

Chemaxon CEO Richard Jones said: “Together, we will offer clients the ability to broadly conduct in-silico research to inform better decision-making at every phase of development.

“Our teams are motivated by accelerating breakthrough medicines to patients and reducing both time to market and the cost of research and development through our combined solutions.”

The acquisition is anticipated to close in the latter half of 2024, pending regulatory approval and customary closing conditions.