Chiesi Farmaceutici, a biopharmaceuticals and healthcare group, and Haisco Pharmaceutical Group have signed a licensing agreement to develop HSK31858, a novel reversible dipeptidyl peptidase 1 (DPP1) inhibitor for respiratory diseases.

The collaboration aims to advance the development, production, and commercialisation of HSK31858, a groundbreaking reversible dipeptidyl peptidase 1 (DPP1) inhibitor designed for respiratory diseases.

The agreement specifically covers regions outside China and nearby territories, including Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and Taiwan District.

HSK31858, currently undergoing Phase 2 trials in China, is an orally administered, potent, and highly selective small molecule DPP1 inhibitor. It holds significant promise as an anti-inflammatory agent in the context of bronchiectasis.

This strategic partnership empowers Chiesi to diversify and strengthen its product portfolio within the respiratory field.

The company is strategically positioned to make a more substantial impact in this critical domain, actively contributing to the advancement of treatments for severe respiratory conditions characterised by significant unmet medical needs.

Chiesi Group global research and development head Thomas Eichholtz said: “This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to develop new medicines aimed at improving the lives of patients who suffer from severe respiratory diseases with limited treatment options.

“HSK31858 is an important addition to our pipeline, and it offers a great opportunity to combine the two partners’ strong experience in this field.”

Haisco Pharmaceutical general manager Xiulian Fan said: “This collaboration with Chiesi is an important milestone in our globalisation strategy, we are pleased that HSK31858 will benefit patients worldwide in the future.

“We acknowledge and appreciate Chiesi’s significant commitment and expertise in the development of drugs in the respiratory field and believe that this partnership will help maximise the value of HSK31858.”

According to the agreement, Chiesi will make an upfront payment and additional contingent milestone payments to Haisco, including royalties on product sales.