Goch, Germany (21 April 2021) – DFE Pharma, a global leader in pharmaceutical excipient solutions is excited to announce the launch of its new product line BioHale®, to address worldwide supply challenges for biopharmaceutical companies.

Recent developments in the field of biologics have provided unique therapy options for many of the world’s most challenging diseases, resulting in significant growth. To be in line with this market development, and to support pharmaceutical companies in securing supply and mitigating risk in these times of unpredictability, DFE Pharma has stepped into the excipient market for biologics.

With the launch of BioHale® Sucrose, DFE Pharma offers exceptional market purity and low endotoxin excipient to be used in formulation. This new addition to the company’s well-established excipients’ portfolio aids in stabilising biologics and offers drug developers and manufacturers worldwide the highest quality excipient technology and services to guarantee increase in advanced therapeutic formulation.

Valued as excipient partner for over a century to many of the top global pharmaceutical brands, across various dosage forms from oral solid, respiratory, ophthalmic or parenteral application, DFE Pharma is uniquely positioned to deliver best-in-class excipient solutions for biopharmaceutical applications. This move is consistent with the company’s strategy to offer proven expertise and reliability of supply where most needed.

Bas van Driel, CEO of DFE Pharma, commented: “As a trusted solution provider and

development partner to leading pharma brands, we are committed now to supporting customers in the formulation process for efficacious delivery of biologics.”

“Our track record and reputation for excipients of the highest quality and consistency differentiates us as a supplier of choice in the market.  With the high purity and low endotoxin quality of BioHale® excipients, combined with increased security of supply and stringent control over relevant supply chain processes, we can meet, if not exceed, the growing demands of new biopharma customers, as well as existing customers”, van Driel continues.

Backed up by knowledge leadership and uninterrupted production capacity, we can help our customers to choose the right excipients for their biological formulation whilst benefitting from our proven, best-in-class technical solutions and expertise. This is the next step in DFE Pharma’s journey to expanding excipient excellence.

“Whether future challenges are economic, environmental, or epidemiological in nature, our ability to adapt is key. By expanding our excipient excellence to biopharma, we can secure success for a more far-ranging customer base and further contribute to helping people lead healthier lives,” van Driel added.

For more information on DFE Pharma’s BioPharma portfolio, visit Biopharma | DFE Pharma