Fujifilm has signed a contract with VLP Therapeutics Japan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of US-based VLP Therapeutics, to manufacture the latter’s Covid-19 vaccine formulation.

VLP Therapeutics has developed the Covid-19 vaccine as a self-amplifying RNA vaccine, which leverages lipid nanoparticle formulation, a type of Drug Delivery System (DDS) technology.

Under the terms of the agreement, Fujifilm is expected to leverage its manufacturing facilities and infrastructure to handle lipid nanoparticle, associated with Covid-19 vaccine formulation.

Also, the Japanese firm will support the process development and manufacturing of VLP Therapeutics’ Covid-19 vaccine formulation for the clinical trials.

VLP Therapeutics is currently developing advanced Covid-19 vaccines that use replicons, to be effective even in small doses, eliminating the risk of adverse reactions, and adopt with the genetic mutations.

VLP Therapeutics to conduct pre-clinical and clinical trials of its Covid-19 vaccine in Japan

VLP Therapeutics is planning to conduct pre-clinical and clinical trials of its vaccine in Japan, with support from the National Centre for Global Health and Medicine, National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition, Oita University, and Osaka City University.

Also, Japan’s Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) has selected the VLP Therapeutics’ Covid-19 vaccine research and development project to offer funding support.

In March 2020, Fujifilm has partnered with Canada-based Precision NanoSystems (PNI), which is engaged in the development, production and marketing of lipid nanoparticle manufacturing equipment.

NanoAssemblr, a GMP-compatible lipid nanoparticle manufacturing device, developed by Precision NanoSystems has been installed at FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical’s advanced 701 Factory.

The company will use the advanced NanoAssemblr device and production facility to offer process development and contract manufacturing services for active ingredients, nucleic acid drugs and RNA.