GenEdit, a developer of genetic therapies using its NanoGalaxy platform for targeted tissue delivery, has unveiled a long-term collaboration and licensing arrangement with Genentech, an esteemed member of the Roche Group.

Under the partnership, both entities will use GenEdit’s NanoGalaxy platform to explore and advance innovative nanoparticles, facilitating the effective delivery of Genentech’s nucleic acid-based therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

GenEdit CEO Kunwoo Lee said: “We are excited to work with Genentech to develop novel therapeutics for autoimmune disease.

“Genentech is a leader in advancing breakthrough science to advance the development of novel therapeutic modalities.

“This collaboration underscores the promise of GenEdit’s NanoGalaxy platform to deliver nucleic acid-based medicines via our hydrophilic nanoparticle technology.”

Roche Pharma Partnering global head James Sabry said: “We look for external innovation to complement our internal science to help advance transformative medicines for people living with autoimmune diseases.

“Our collaboration with GenEdit will use their polymer nanoparticle library and platform with the potential to reshape treatment paradigms to help people with devastating and difficult-to-treat autoimmune disease.”

As per the terms outlined in the agreement, GenEdit will collaborate closely with Genentech to identify and create hydrophilic nanoparticles (HNPs) designed for the development of nucleic acid-based therapeutics targeting autoimmune conditions.

Genentech will assume responsibility for the preclinical, clinical, and regulatory development, along with the commercialization of products derived from the application of GenEdit’s nanoparticles.

GenEdit is set to receive an initial upfront payment of $15m and stands to gain additional payments amounting to a potential $629m.

The payments will be disbursed based on milestones achieved during the near-term, encompassing preclinical and clinical development and commercial and net sales achievements throughout the collaboration.

Furthermore, GenEdit is entitled to receive tiered royalties based on the global net sales of the resulting products.

In November last year, Genentech announced a multi-year strategic research collaboration with US-based technology company NVIDIA to accelerate drug discovery and development.