Genexine, a clinical-stage Korean biopharmaceutical firm listed on the public market, has merged with EPD Biotherapeutics (EPD Bio) to strengthen its drug development pipeline.

Established in 2021, the South Korea-based EPD Bio is engaged in developing the EPDeg, an mRNA-based bioPROTAC technology, which is focused on targeted protein degradation (TPD).

The merger aims to bolster Genexine’s research capabilities in PROTAC (PROteolysis TArgeting Chimera) technology and enable it to further advance treatments for critical unmet medical needs.

 EPD Bio’s bioPROTAC technology is designed to surpass the limitations of traditional small molecule-based PROTAC approaches.

The platform delivers fusion-protein degraders as mRNA-LNP, eliminating the need for tissue-specific expression of E3 ligase.

According to Genexine, EPDeg can generate a diverse pipeline of TPDs addressing multiple previously undruggable targets across various disease indications.

Genexine CEO Sungjune Hong said: “Through this merger, Genexine has secured key talent with innovative technology that can lead the global market and at the same time added innovative new drugs based on bioPROTAC technology.

“Combining EPD Bio’s bioPROTAC technology with Genexine’s clinical and CMC development capabilities will enable us to continue pursuing the development of innovative new drugs that can lead the global market.”

Following the merger, Jaehyun Choi, founder and CEO of EPD Bio, will join Genexine as a representative director responsible for research and development (R&D).

On the other hand, Hong will continue as a representative director who will handle corporate development and business management at Genexine.