GenScript ProBio and Curocell have entered into a strategic partnership memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the production of viral vectors essential for the development of the next generation of CAR-T therapy.

Both companies aim to expand their collaboration to cover the entire project, including the development, production, and clinical trials of viral vectors for CAR-T therapy research and development.

Viral vectors play a crucial role in gene therapy, serving as vehicles for drug delivery by using viruses to transport genetic material into cells.

With the increasing demand for viral vectors in the gene therapy market, particularly for CAR-T therapy, this partnership addresses the need for GMP facilities to produce viral vectors to prevent delays in the development of gene therapies.

GenScript ProBio chairman Patrick LIU said: “We are delighted to sign an MoU with Curocell, a local leader in CAR-T therapy, for the supply of viral vectors. This partnership will deepen our close collaboration to develop CAR-T therapy, not only in Korea but on a global scale.”

Curocell CEO Gunsoo Kim said the partnership will allow the two companies to establish a stable cooperative relationship spanning the entire process, from the developmental stage to the commercialisation of CAR-T therapy.

He added: “Curocell plans to grow as a global leader in cancer immunotherapies through its partnership with GenScript ProBio, a company expanding its global presence in the field of gene therapy.”