GV20 Therapeutics, a clinical stage biotechnology company integrating AI, genomics, and disease biology to create next-generation antibody therapeutics for cancer, announced today that it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program that nurtures startups revolutionizing industries with technological advancements.

GV20 Therapeutics will leverage the resources provided by NVIDIA Inception to develop new AI models for drug discovery, focused on novel therapeutic antibodies. The company will use the NVIDIA BioNeMo cloud service to continue scaling and refining the computational arm of the STEAD platform for accelerated target and antibody discovery, which also includes research utilizing genomics and molecular dynamics simulation. The incorporation of NVIDIA BioNeMo into the existing STEAD platform will expedite progress and new innovations to the platform.

“We are thrilled to be part of NVIDIA Inception,” said Shirley Liu, CEO of GV20 Therapeutics. “We expect the resources provided by the program to help enable us to accelerate the improvement of our STEAD discovery platform and to continue identifying exciting novel cancer drug targets, like IGSF8, and therapeutic antibodies.”