International technology group Körber is planning to acquire Werum IT Solutions AG − formerly Werum Software & Systems AG − based in Lüneburg, Germany.

Werum is the leading provider of software for production control and monitoring for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.

The objective of the acquisition is to further expand the Körber Group’s Medipak Systems business area, which specialises in inspection and packaging technologies as well as the manufacture of high-quality packaging for pharmaceutical products.

As the holding company of the Medipak Systems business area, Körber Medipak Systems GmbH is aiming to use the acquisition to extend its expertise in the cutting-edge market for software solutions in the field of production control and monitoring. Werum is the leading provider of so-called manufacturing execution systems (MES) for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The company shares are held largely by current and former employees; the aim is to acquire 100% of the shares.

“We would highly welcome the opportunity to expand our activities in this important future market together with Werum – a company with outstanding technological expertise that is held in high regard by customers around the globe,” said Richard Bauer, chairman of the Körber AG executive board. “Software solutions such as the products and services provided by Werum are becoming increasingly important for us as a technology group, and are also highly relevant from a strategic perspective.

“Within the Körber Group, Werum would be able to benefit from our international focus and broad technological experience,” added Gerhard Breu, CEO of the Körber Medipak Systems business area. “Together, we could develop new, unique products and exploit long-term growth opportunities with a strong international customer base in our field of business.”

“In Körber we see the ideal partner who would be able to open up new perspectives for us as well as outstanding development opportunities for our employees,” said Hartmut Krome, chairman of the executive board of Werum Software & Systems AG. “Our company will retain its Werum brand and market profile, while at the same time it would be integrated in Körber’s strong structures.”

Werum IT Solutions AG has a total of some 400 employees at ten sites in Europe, the US, Japan and Singapore. Within the Körber Medipak Systems business area, Werum would in future operate as an additional business field alongside the existing fields of Pharma Materials (development and manufacture of high-quality packaging) and Pharma Technology (inspection and packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry).