South Korea-based LG Chem has introduced its single-injection osteoarthritis treatment, Synovian in China through its Chinese partner Yifan Pharmaceutical under the brand name Hyruan One.

Synovian is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) treatment for knee osteoarthritis developed using LG Chem’s proprietary technology.

Launched in South Korea in 2014, the product offers therapeutic benefits comparable to multi-injection formulations through a single injection.

In Phase 3 clinical trials conducted on Chinese knee osteoarthritis patients, Synovian reduced knee pain, improved joint function, and maintained safety standards equivalent to multi-injection HA products.

LG Chem primary care business division senior vice president Hwang In-cheol said: “We will accelerate market penetration through a strategic collaboration framework to meet the needs of Chinese arthritis patients seeking new treatment options.

“By leveraging the competitive advantage of Synovian, China’s first single-injection osteoarthritis treatment, we aim to lead a paradigm shift in treatment.”

LG Chem planned to enter the Chinese market based on Synovian’s convenience in administration and strong market position in Korea.

Subsequently, the South Korean chemicals company partnered with Yifan Pharmaceutical to start the phased business preparations.

Hangzhou-based Yifan Pharmaceutical specialises in anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and endocrine/metabolic disease treatments.

The company started Phase 3 clinical trials for Synovian in August 2019, applied for marketing approval in December 2021, and obtained approval in April 2023.

Additionally, Synovian was successfully listed on the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) after negotiations with the Chinese government.

Currently, Synovian is said to be the only single-injection formulation available in China, gaining an advantage over the standard five-injection regimen.

To bolster Yifan Pharmaceutical’s capabilities, LG Chem actively supports its business through regular onboarding programmes to transfer domestic expertise with Synovian.

Furthermore, the South Korean firm plans to enhance local sales and marketing efforts by creating educational materials for physicians and fostering academic exchanges between Korea and China.