Japanese dispensing pharmacy chain operator Nihon Chouzai has teamed up with India-based digital services and consulting company Infosys, to expand healthcare access in Japan.

The collaboration aims to enhance online medication guidance services and payment solutions using an online medication guidance service, NiCOMS.

NiCOMS is a telemedicine mobile application developed by Infosys, to help patients receive remote medication guidance from registered pharmacists, without needing to visit a pharmacy.

Nihon Chouzai, in partnership with Infosys, launched the web version of NiCOMS in 2020.

Under the collaboration, the pharmacy chain operator will integrate the NiCOMS application with OkusuriTechoPlus, its digital medication notebook, by merging the account and authentication.

Nihon Chouzai executive officer and IT department general manager Kunihiko Kurihara said: “Our collaboration with Infosys complements our best-in-class solution and gives it a new scale with the pioneering NiCOMS platform and its ability to bring positive experiences to our customers.

“What started a few years ago with the web version is now further strengthened by Infosys’ agility and expertise in digital transformation, which has helped us realise our vision for a one-of-a-kind telemedicine service.”

Infosys said that the NiCOMS mobile app was developed using an agile approach, allowing the company to adapt easily to growing needs due to deregulation and Covid-19.

NiCOMS’ online medication guidance service will allow Japanese patients to get medication instructions and consultations and make payments during video calls with pharmacists.

Its user interface enhances compatibility across different types of terminals, operating systems, and browsers, enabling accessibility for all users and a smooth experience across devices.

Infosys vice president and Japan country head Hideyuki Aoki said: “Together with Nihon Chouzai, we are forging the future of digital healthcare in Japan through innovative solutions.

“This alliance will offer enhanced online medical services and increase access to quality pharmaceutical interventions, with an aim towards making a significant impact at scale.”