Clinical research organisation (CRO) Parexel has forged an alliance with Partex, a Data-to-Drugs pharma platform, to use artificial intelligence (AI) and big data for drug discovery and development.

The partnership aims to expedite drug discovery and development for global biopharmaceutical customers and minimise the risk associated with their asset portfolios.

Under the terms of the alliance, Parexel will serve as the preferred CRO provider for the Partex group of companies’ clinical trial execution.

Through the Partex-validated AI platform, the parties will also work together to improve clinical trial execution for customers apart from enhancing and growing Parexel’s current AI tools and capabilities.

Parexel CEO Jamie Macdonald said: “One of the biggest and most complex challenges in drug development is anticipating the investigational therapies that will be safe and effective treatment options.

“Our innovative alliance with Partex helps to address this challenge by bringing to the forefront those assets with the strongest probability of clinical success, in turn enabling customers to focus their time and resources where it is most beneficial to patients.”

Parexel and Partex intend to enhance patient outcomes and foster a culture of ongoing innovation using advanced technology, data-driven insights, and collaborative ecosystems.

The global expertise across Phase 1 to 4 clinical development of the CRO when combined with Partex’s big data and AI capabilities is expected to help drug developers to understand the probability of clinical success of assets in their portfolio.

Furthermore, the combination could also help in recommending other disease indications for which the assets can be used.

Partex CEO Gunjan Bhardwaj said: “By combining Partex’s cutting-edge AI capabilities with Parexel’s renowned clinical research expertise, we aim to accelerate the delivery of safe and effective therapies to patients worldwide, ultimately transforming the biopharmaceutical landscape.

“We eagerly anticipate the unveiling of new value-generating approaches and groundbreaking innovations resulting from this collaboration.”