China-based Porton Advanced has entered into a strategic partnership with biopharmaceutical company Ascle Therapeutics to promote the application of NK cells in cancer prevention, beauty, and anti-ageing.

Under the partnership, both firms will jointly develop and produce NK cells and help in the development and innovation of gene and cell therapy.

Porton is engaged in providing end-to-end gene and cell therapy contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) services.

The company serves the fields like plasmids, cell therapy, gene therapy, and mRNA therapy.

Ascle Therapeutics founder and chairman Li Huashun said: “We have developed the Ascle-NK platform, which cultures exceptional and powerful NK cells. Meanwhile, Porton Advanced has achieved remarkable accomplishments in the research, development, production, and project declaration of gene and cell therapy drugs.

“I believe that with its rich experience and professional technology, Porton Advanced can provide important support for Ascle Therapeutics to promote the application of NK cells in anti-ageing, beauty, and cancer prevention.”

Currently, Porton has helped clients finish CMC and worldwide declaration services for a variety of gene and cell therapy medications.

The biopharmaceutical firm is engaged in the development and manufacturing of immune cell therapy treatments with a primary focus on NK/CAR-NK anti-tumour immune cell therapy medications.

In addition, Ascle Therapeutics has developed a thorough system for producing and researching immune cell therapy, which consists of three main technological platforms: mRNA-LNP, allogeneic NK/CAR-NK, and universal CAR-NK.

As per the deal, Ascle Therapeutics’ NK cell initiative will receive development, production, and declaration services from Porton Advanced in China.

This will facilitate the deployment of NK cells in cancer prevention, anti-ageing, and cosmetics, Porton Advanced said.

Porton Advanced CEO Wang Yangzhou said: “We are very pleased to reach a strategic partnership with Ascle Therapeutics. The R&D pipeline of Ascle Therapeutics has deep accumulation and advantages, especially in the NK field.

“Porton Advanced has established an end-to-end gene and cell therapy CDMO platform, with excellent process development capabilities and sterile drug production workshops, as well as production capabilities and experience in high-quality GMP cell products and can achieve customised production according to customers’ requirements.”