US-based Remix Therapeutics has announced a collaborative venture and licensing arrangement with Roche, focusing on the exploration and creation of small molecule therapeutics designed to regulate RNA processing using Remix’s REMaster drug discovery platform.

The agreed-upon terms involve an initial payment of $30m to Remix, along with the potential to earn up to $12m in immediate milestone payments.

Further milestones encompassing preclinical, clinical, commercial, and sales achievements could yield up to $1bn, complemented by a structured royalty system.

In return for this collaboration, Swiss firm Roche gains exclusive rights to specific targets. The collaborative efforts entail Remix handling the discovery and preclinical phases, while Roche assumes responsibility for the subsequent development and commercialisation of any resultant products.

Remix Therapeutics president and CEO Peter Smith said: “We’re excited to partner with a team with strong expertise and dedication to the field of interfering with targets at the RNA level.

“Our collaboration with Roche provides an opportunity to further leverage our REMaster drug discovery platform and translate our cutting-edge science into new medicines.”

Roche Pharma Partnering global head James Sabry said: “We have been impressed by Remix and their scientific accomplishments with their REMaster drug discovery platform.

“This collaboration aligns well with our strategy to join forces with partners who pursue innovative approaches to discover and develop new medicines for patients in areas of high unmet medical need.”

Remix Therapeutics, a biotechnology company in the clinical stage, is dedicated to the development of small molecule therapies aimed at influencing RNA processing and tackling the fundamental causes of various diseases.

The REMaster technology platform plays a pivotal role in this endeavour by enabling the identification of patterns in RNA processing. The insights gained from these patterns are leveraged to effectively modulate gene expression, advancing the company’s mission to address the root drivers of diseases.