Sanofi and Google are set to establish a virtual innovation lab to tap emerging data technologies as part of a new project. Both companies will use digital technologies to better understand key diseases and extract related patient insights, allowing Sanofi to develop more personalised treatments.

The innovation lab is expected to help transform the delivery of future medicines through improving the understanding of disease, improving operational efficiencies and the experience of Sanofi’s patients and customers. Sanofi’s database will be used to understand which treatments work best for patients.

Sanofi and Google intend to use AI across datasets to forecast sales, informing marketing and supply chain efforts. By using these analytical tools, the companies will be able to take into account real-time information, including geographic, logistic and manufacturing constraints to help optimise the accuracy of their predictions.  

“We stand on the forefront of a new age for biology and human health, with the opportunity to transform healthcare through partnerships with pioneering technology and analytics companies,” said Ameet Nathwani, Sanofi’s chief digital officer, chief medical officer and executive vice president, Medical. “Combining Sanofi’s biologic innovations and scientific data with Google’s industry-leading capabilities, from cloud computing to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, we aspire to give people more control over their health and accelerate the discovery of new therapies.”