Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced CorEvidence, a proprietary cloud-based data lake platform that optimises the processes of pharmacovigilance case processing and safety data management.

The innovative platform complements Thermo Fisher’s PPD clinical research business by enhancing the capabilities of CorEvitas clinical research registries.

The primary application of CorEvidence focuses on improving pharmacovigilance workflows and managing deliverables more effectively. It is specifically designed to handle diverse data sources, streamlining the coding, classification, and reporting of adverse events and safety events of interest for post-authorisation safety studies that organizations are committed to.

The platform facilitates the seamless management of a wide range of pharmacovigilance deliverables. It ensures efficiency, traceability, auditability, scalability, and compliance in safety management for customer safety commitments. All this is achieved through the utilization of data collected from CorEvitas syndicated registries.

CorEvitas pharmacovigilance vice president Christine Barr said: “I am excited to see us deliver fit-for-purpose, highly impactful solutions to some of our most challenging and complex pharmacovigilance business needs.

“We look forward to the positive impact this system will have on our customers and, most importantly, the well-being of the patients and our medical communities who depend on timely availability of real-world evidence and ongoing benefit/risk assessment activities to inform the safe use of pharmaceutical products.”

In August 2023, Thermo Fisher completed the acquisition of CorEvitas, a leading provider of real-world evidence solutions recognised for its gold-standard offerings.

The array of services provided by CorEvitas encompasses 12 registries, with nine dedicated to autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Additionally, they offer a sophisticated data intelligence platform designed to construct and expand clinical registries across various therapeutic areas.

These registries efficiently collect structured patient clinical data from more than 400 investigator sites, longitudinally tracking the progress of over 100,000 patients.

The CorEvitas model is currently being strategically employed to meet regulatory requirements for over 15 long-term post-authorisation safety studies, spanning across eight distinct disease indications.

This acquisition positions Thermo Fisher to leverage CorEvitas’ expertise and resources in advancing real-world evidence solutions and contributing to advancements in the field of healthcare research.