Xcell Biosciences, a firm focused on cell and gene therapy applications, has signed an agreement with US-based ElevateBio to advance technology development for cell and gene therapies.

Under the partnership, both companies will study new approaches to enhance the therapeutic potency of cell and gene therapies.

ElevateBio BaseCamp scientists will gain access to Xcellbio’s Avatar incubator system for cell therapy research and development.

In addition, the researchers can use two new platforms, the Avatar Ai system for measuring the potency of cell therapies and the Avatar Foundry system for cGMP cell therapy manufacturing.

Avatar Ai is said to offer real-time tumour cytotoxicity analysis under the tumour microenvironment (TME).

On the other hand, the Avatar and Avatar Foundry systems are used to metabolically rewire therapeutic cells to increase their potency and persistence in the TME, the cell and gene therapy firm said.

As part of the collaboration, ElevateBio becomes the first member of the beta programme of Xcellbio for its new Avatar Foundry device.

Additionally, ElevateBio’s BaseCamp chief technology officer Michael Paglia has joined the scientific advisory board of Xcellbio.

Paglia said: “At BaseCamp, we work with industry partners to design the best process for their product and recognise the importance of emerging technologies that will revolutionise how cell and gene therapies are manufactured.

“I am excited to join the Xcellbio advisory board and look forward to joining Brian and the team on the collaboration with BaseCamp.”

ElevateBio is a technology-driven firm that partners with other companies to commercialise its expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and enabling technologies to expedite genetic therapies development.

The company’s integrated ecosystem integrates its technological stack, which includes gene editing, cell engineering, and viral and non-viral delivery, with its BaseCamp process development and current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) manufacturing division.

Xcellbio co-founder and CEO Brian Feth said: “We are delighted to collaborate with ElevateBio, a true leader in the cell and gene therapy field, and we look forward to one day having a collective impact in how these important treatments are used to improve healthcare.

“We also welcome Mike to our advisory board and are eager for his contributions to our own R&D programs in that capacity.”