Yourway, the only truly integrated premium courier and clinical packager in the industry, announced its establishment of a new depot in Mumbai, India. While Yourway previously had a presence in Mumbai for the past 4 years, the new location is closer to Mumbai airport and is staffed by a strong team of PMs, pharmacists, and operations specialists with considerable experience in both pharma and transportation operations.

“The new Yourway depot in Mumbai streamlines the supply chain for our customers,” remarked Fiona Geiger, vice president of Client Services at Yourway. “For our customers, there are considerable benefits to a depot that can store materials and distribute them within India, driven by our experience in India specifically as well as our global experience with transportation, brokerage, and clearance for both imports and exports.”

Like all of Yourway’s 21 global depots, the new Mumbai location is GMP certified, guaranteeing that products are handled to the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. Yourway’s integrated logistics, storage, and distribution capabilities are fully automated, allowing customers to monitor their inventory 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with end-to-end visibility.

Yourway provides a full range of temperature-controlled solutions, from 15–25 °C through –80 °C, designed to shipments from the time an order is received through to delivery on time. It is also the only truly integrated premium courier and clinical packager, offering a faster and more efficient integrated supply chain with no differences in quality to traditional multi-provider models in this market.