ABB Group provides an asset management perspective on the challenges faced by the life sciences industry.

In the 1980s and 1990s, after years of a lack of investment, chemical and petrochemical companies were grappling with infrastructure that had deteriorated and was in poor condition. Failures of over-stretched assets such as pipe bridges, utilities and electrical distribution systems were causing loss of production and required unplanned and expensive remediation. As life science companies rationalise capacity and extend timescales for manufacturing assets they will increasingly face the same issues. This challenge is further compounded by the variety and diversity of assets and standards resulting from ongoing merger and acquisition activity in the sector.

ABB Engineering Services has a tried and tested approach to asset assessment and asset life planning and costing. ABB’s Reliability and Integrity Management Excellence (pRIME) programme helps clients achieve sustainability and reliability from assets.

The pRIME programme is applicable across all industries and can help life science companies address asset issues. It can be applied at a strategic level or at a detailed level. In so doing it can provide:

  • licence to operate – technical justification for
  • operating equipment beyond its design life – stakeholder confidence in continued safe and reliable operation
  • value added from avoiding production loss, unnecessary expenditure, and from improvements made
  • investment information