Air Canada Cargo provides cargo service to and from over 450 cities on six continents. Through our self-handled hubs in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, London and Frankfurt, network of flights to key cities and extensive sales representation worldwide, we provide optimal solutions for the continuous shipment of goods worldwide.

Air freight is the mode of choice when speed matters most — for transporting goods that need to get to market quickly, like seafood, produce, pharmaceuticals, electronics, fashion, engine parts, or anything urgent.

Air Canada Cargo has more than 250 direct, wide-body flights that can transport freight around the world in 24 hours or less, airport to airport.


To help you manage shipments efficiently, Air Canada Cargo provides a variety of tools and services. Our leading-edge e-Booking tool, convenient mobile application, web tracking and email notification services make it easy for you to stay on top of your business, no matter where you are.

Here’s what you can expect when shipping with Air Canada Cargo:

  • Extensive global network
  • Web-based shipment tracking
  • e-Booking and mobile services
  • Airport to airport in 24 hours, worldwide
  • Efficient transport and handling processes
  • Compliance with IATA regulations
  • Unparalleled industry expertise.

AC Cool Chain

Speed and Reliability – Whether your shipment consists of pharmaceuticals, perishables or other temperature-sensitive commodities, AC Cool Chain offers a selection of solutions designed with your specific needs in mind. AC Cool Chain solutions are designed to accommodate shipments that require passive or active packaging. Compliant with both IATA’s Temperature Controlled & Perishable Cargo Regulations (TCR/PCR), and taking into consideration the transportation schedule and appropriate packaging utilization, AC Cool Chain promises quality handling for your shipments, ensuring they reach their destination safely and on time.

AC Pharmacair

AC Pharmacair is the AC Cool Chain solution for products transported in passive packaging. Products that tolerate ambient conditions during the transportation schedule can be booked with Standard service, while products that are sensitive to ambient temperatures and require storage in temperature-controlled holding areas can be booked with Priority service. For both options, use of appropriate packaging designed for the chosen transportation schedule is always recommended.

AC Pharmacair Highlights:

  • IATA TCR (Temperature Controlled Regulations) compliant
  • Prioritised tender/retrieval times
  • Expedited time on the tarmac
  • Ambient or TC controlled storage areas (TC storage areas may be limited/not available at some locations).

AC Absolute

AC Absolute is the AC Cool Chain solution is our active solution designed for products that are extremely sensitive to ambient temperatures and require precise temperature control throughout the entire transportation schedule. Such precise temperature control is achieved with the use of active containers, which utilise compressors or dry ice to maintain temperature conditions (between -20°C to +25°C) inside the container. Active containers are available for rental through Air Canada Cargo.

AC Absolute° Highlights:

  • IATA TCR/PCR compliant
  • Prioritised tender/retrieval times
  • Expedited time on the tarmac
  • Monitored at regular intervals while in in our care
  • Electric containers connected to a power source while in warehouses
  • Dry Ice containers re-iced and batteries replaced as required
  • Rental of active containers available (Envirotainer / CSafe)

Service Enhancements

DuPonttm Tyvek Air Cargo Covers

Air Canada Cargo offers Tyvek Air Cargo Covers as an optional value-added feature for AC Pharmacair shipments that require additional protection from temperature variations. Tyvek Air Cargo Covers are specifically engineered to address the threat of cold chain breaks during air transit — when temperature-sensitive products are at the greatest risk for temperature excursions. Validated in a wide variety of applications worldwide, Tyvek Air Cargo Covers are available at select Air Canada Cargo locations.

GPS Tracking Devices

Air Canada Cargo has approved several GPS tracking devices for use on our aircraft. With real-time capabilities at all points in the supply-chain, GPS tracking devices provide stakeholders with critical data that enables them to intervene to reduce or eliminate loss related to the integrity of the cargo.

Find out more about AC Cool Chain

Air Canada Cargo provides air transportation to over 450 cities on six continents through its direct flights, interline connections and trucking network. For the full list of AC Pharmacair and AC Absolute° certified stations, please visit our website via the contact details below.