AirBridgeCargo’s dedicated and qualified staff – including sales, customer services, operations and procurement – along with its state-of-the-art transport solutions, abcPharma Active and abcPharma Passive, allow the company to provide the quality handling procedures and control processes that are necessary for successful pharma transportation.

These special services are proof of AirBridgeCargo’s commitment to deliver detailed and effective transportation options, particularly for those goods that require special attention.

There are many benefits to selecting AirBridgeCargo as a transport partner, including:

  • skilled staff that are trained in handling healthcare products
  • Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 aircraft that have three compartments that enable temperature settings ranging 4-29°C
  • full compliance with IATA TCR and CEIV certification
  • exact temperature monitoring from acceptance to delivery
  • special packaging solutions and thermal blankets for palletised shipments
  • customer service support, and online track and trace options
  • tailor-made logistics solutions based on the customer’s individual requirements.

abc PHARMA Active is the solution for time and temperaturesensitive pharmaceutical products that need to be shipped in active containers. A variety of containers are used to keep healthcare goods as protected as possible, including dry-ice technologies. Shipped goods are kept at a constant temperature throughout the entire cargo journey, and the use of active containers mitigates risks for ambient temperature influence on healthcare products.

abc PHARMA Passive is a solution for prepackaged pharmaceutical products. Within the required temperature ranges, and by the seasonal consideration of routes, healthcare goods are shipped efficiently and effectively.