Aizon is an AI software provider that transforms manufacturing operations with the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and other smart factory technologies focused on optimizing production and quality within highly regulated industries. The Aizon platform seamlessly integrates unlimited sources of structured and unstructured data to deliver actionable insights across all manufacturing sites. Aizon offers an intuitive way to gain meaningful operational intelligence by enabling real-time visibility and predictive insights in a GxP compliant manner with end-to-end data integrity.

Aizon GxP AI Platform

Aizon uniquely applies artificial intelligence (AI), and other advanced statistics, to capture insights across the manufacturing process, and then present these findings within a holistic, multivariate view — and within a GxP compliant data environment. The Aizon solution contextualizes data and insights, which in turn, allows pharma enterprises to make, with greater confidence, faster decisions that have a greater value-based impact.

The Aizon SaaS platform eliminates the costly overheads of building and maintaining IT infrastructure for dynamic challenges that necessitate rigorous compliance requirements.

Aizon Bioreactor Application

Built on the award-winning* Aizon platform, the GxP-ready, AI-powered Aizon Bioreactor Application is a seamlessly customizable and scalable graphical UI solution designed for biotechnology and pharma manufacturing environments. A unique step forward in the progression of Pharma 4.0, the Bioreactor Application leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud technologies, IIoT, and contextualizing tools to help users fully use, monitor, analyze, understand, and control the upstream manufacturing process.

AI Consulting Services

Aizon’s AI Consulting services focus on a singular mission: To enable our customers to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and apply it to their most strategic, valuable and mission-critical operations. We specialize in bringing innovative applications of AI to bear as part of each customer’s journey of digital transformation. This enables our customers to benefit from bringing AI out of the laboratory and putting it to work in their most critical business processes.