Alfa Wassermann, the Italian contract manufacturing company with an international perspective, has recently expanded a production site that is synonymous with versatility.

Alfa Wassermann is a leading contract manufacturing company, providing a comprehensive and integrated service encompassing all activities in the field. It is also a unique outsourcing, partner, manufacturing nearly all pharmaceutical forms for third parties in accordance with the volumes requested. High quality standards and reliability are always ensured, thanks to years of industry experience, the use of innovative technologies and a modern manufacturing plant, which has recently been enlarged and further developed.

The facility is located in the industrial area of Alanno, around 25km from Pescara, Italy, and extends over an area of 100,000m2. Every year, it produces a total of 35 million pieces for Alfa Wassermann, and other Italian and international pharmaceutical companies.


Alfa Wassermann’s manufacturing factory is equipped with advanced installations for the manufacturing of nearly all pharmaceutical forms. Continual investment has enabled the company to achieve the highest quality standards that ensure good products as well as patients’ health. The area – over 15,000m2 – is used to manufacture and store products, and was designed with the aim of rationalising flow organisation.

All departments have new and efficient equipment. The sterile department – with an area exceeding 1,800m2 – is equipped with the latest-generation lyophilisation installations and boasts and overall lyophilisation area of 91m2. It offers a wide range of primary packaging formats (ampoules and vials), filled with liquids or powders, both in an aseptic environment and terminally sterilised.


The company’s manufacturing processes are supported by an efficient quality assurance system. An area of more than 850m2 is devoted to analytical controls, while an area of 560m2 is devoted to microbiological controls. An efficient team in charge of validation works ensures that all processes are validated in order to support the results obtained.

The structure of the quality assurance sector ensures maximum control and speed when issuing batches. Long-standing experience in the analytical sector – acquired over more than 60 years – enables Alfa Wassermann to diversify its offering; in addition to manufacturing it also offers development services, analytical and microbiological methods, and formulation and stability studies.


The Alanno plant is synonymous with versatility. The design of the manufacturing area took into account the need to rationalise spaces, so that flows are speeded up and more efficient. The plant manufactures many pharmaceutical forms: oral solids (capsules, tablets and granules); syrups; drops; extemporaneous drops; washes; creams; gels; mouthwashes; pre-filled syringes; nasal sprays; injectable ampoules and vials (both in an aseptic environment and with terminal sterilisation); lyophilised ampoules and vials; and divided sterile powders.

Versatility extends to a wide range of batch sizes, supplied by the mixing departments, which enables the manufacture small volumes for formulation and clinical studies, up to large batch sizes. Alfa Wassermann offers many secondary packaging types, as well as high-performance, versatile packaging lines.


Technology, quality and versatility ensure that Alfa Wassermann performs at the highest level. The company offers its customers long-standing experience and know-how as well as the level of reliability one would expect from a leader in its sector.

The company’s pharmaceutical forms

  • Oral solids: granules, film-coated tablets,hard-gelatine capsules
  • Liquids injectables: terminally sterilised liquid ampoules and vials, liquid ampoules produced in aseptic environment, liquid vials produced in aseptic environment, pre-filled syringes
  • Sterile powders: vials filled with sterile powders
  • Lyophilised products: lyophilised ampoules and vials, sterile powder vials
  • Spray in aseptic environment
  • Oral liquids: extemporaneous drops and syrups
  • Non-sterile semi-solids and liquids: creams, gels, ointments, emulsions, mouthwashes.