Foremost leader in manufacturing and supply of banknote papers and security solutions, Arjowiggins Security has a wide portfolio of options for its customers. From substrate to coding, through to state-of-the-art security features, its solutions are used in several countries, helping companies to protect and enhance their revenues.

Today, no company is immune to counterfeiting. In order to implement effective anti-counterfeiting and antismuggling measures, brand owners need to be involved and the general public and the authorities need to collaborate.

A comprehensive anti-counterfeiting programme involves analysing, implementing and measuring the success of solutions. Brand owners threatened by counterfeiting or the grey market do not have figures to assess the scale of disaster and often realise it too late. Suitable action means more than applying a label and security ink, then being confident that problems will disappear.

Issues related to each market are well known but have to be specifically addressed from one company to another.

This is where Arjowiggins Security comes in. The organisation’s action plan is to combine tailor-made security solutions with surveys and monitoring. The company has considerable experience in protecting many of the world’s banknote and security documents with its customised solutions, from banknote security paper and excise stamps to passport components and security-machine-readable ink.

Broad vision

Tackling counterfeiters requires a global strategy and calls for companies to broaden their actions on security. Ten years ago, Arjowiggins Security started to propose its specific approach and solutions to private companies through its brand protection division. Today it is proud to protect companies ranked in the top five of each market.

The organisation offers assessment, solution development and life cycle surveillance, providing specific tools that comply with direct and indirect industry requirements.

To challenge the huge efforts made by counterfeiters, innovation and R&D is one of the company’s priorities. The R&D centre constantly evaluates and develops new solutions to create technical and financial breakthrough against counterfeiters.

At the forefront of its initiative are the areas of the pharma industry already involved in tackling counterfeiters Nevertheless, it is mandatory to distinguish between authentication and identification, which are different but complementary functions.

In fact, serialised numbers as printed cannot ensure the authenticity of a product if those numbers can be copied.

Physical securities will ensure a good product as long as the end package combines tamper evidence and physical authentication. Identification can therefore be achieved once applied and combined with securities.

Authentication features are ranked according to three main levels: overt (Level 1), semi-covert (Level 2) and covert (Level 3).

  • Level 1 is intended for customers and covers visible security features
  • Level 2 is targeted at trained people and requires tools such as UV lamps, magnifiers or chemical pens
  • Level 3 is aimed at companies’ inspectors and requires specific proprietary readers.

Anticipating the issues and expectations of its customers, Arjowiggins Security has developed specific physical and digital tools to enable authentication, identification and product integrity. Its extensive portfolio of options ranges from a simple overt authentication device, to product integrity, solution assessment and monitoring. The company’s state-of-the-art solutions are available to anyone who needs to authenticate a product during its life.