Nippon Soda (Nisso) manufactures quality hydroxypropyl cellulose. Products of various degrees of polymerisation are available and can be customised to suit the viscosity of any drug design. The grades of lower viscosity, such as HPC-L, SL or SSL, are preferred by many users to make granulation easier. Nisso products are suitable for:

  • Wet/dry granulation
  • Tablet coating
  • Dispersion stabiliser
  • Sustained release preparations

They have the following features:

  • Special viscosity range for formulation requirements
  • Low viscosity grades
  • Fine and super fine powder
  • Being chemically inert, HPC rarely reacts with other reagents thereby extending formulation stability.

Nisso HPC consists of hydroxypropyl ethers obtained by the reaction of cellulose with propylene oxide. Manufacturing began in 1967 and the product was mentioned in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia in 1971.

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