Compared with alternative solutions, the berlinger smartview vehicle-monitoring system (VMS) significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs due to the unique application of wireless sensors. The VMS ensures regulatory compliance with real-time alerting on temperature excursions, and powerful reporting and analytics capabilities.

Increasing regulations

Companies that operate temperature-controlled transportation vehicles are faced with increasing customer demands and government regulations for real-time condition monitoring. Guidelines such as Good Distribution Practices (GDP) require accurate temperature monitoring of transportation vehicles, including alerting in case of temperature deviations. Pharmaceutical guidelines also require proper qualification of each vehicle based on a thermal mapping study.

Most vehicle monitoring solutions for cold-chain management require the installation of wired temperature sensors that are connected to a central board computer in the cabin of the vehicle. However, wired sensors make the installation of the monitoring solution time-consuming, and increase the chances of damage and maintenance during daily operation.

Fulfil and exceed the requirements

The berlinger smartview VMS provides a reliable solution for real-time vehicle monitoring in the cold chain. Unlike its competitors, berlinger provides an autonomous solution that requires no wiring in the vehicle. The solution contains the following components:

  • smartPoint: berlinger provides smartPoint wireless sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and door openings in any vehicle. Sensors can be calibrated according to ISO 17025 standards.
  • smartGate M: a wireless data transmitter will be placed in the vehicle to automatically collect the measurements from the smartPoint sensors and forward this data over the GPRS network. The smartGate M will also add the GPS location of the vehicle. It is powered by 12V/24V input from the vehicle and contains a rechargeable backup battery.
  • smartview: this application collects data from various vehicles to generate an integrated real-time view. It provides visualisation in Google Maps, alerts by email and SMS, and powerful reporting and analytics.

Key benefits

The berlinger smartview VMS offers a number of crucial advantages to meet the demands of its customers:

  • deployment of wireless sensors improves the ease of implementation and minimises maintenance activities
  • the berlinger smartview software application provides an integrated real-time view of vehicles and facilities
  • 24/7 alerting to enable proactive intervention based on user-defined business rules and contingency scripts
  • berlinger smartview VMS provides compliance with GDP and other regulatory requirements.

With berlinger solutions, customers can experience the power of control. For an explanation video, please see the link below.