CK Aspire provides dedicated teams and departments to help your business do what it does best. We will manage the project, study or function you want to outsource, provide a high-quality service and be fully accountable for its delivery.

Our service is:

  • flexible
  • bespoke
  • cost effective
  • responsive
  • high quality
  • on site.

We work with you to help you maintain close oversight of your projects, while minimising risk and ensuring delivery.

Working in close collaboration with you, CK Aspire is able to deliver high-quality, cost-effective services supporting your core business operation. We deliver:

  • on-site project teams
  • full project management
  • departmental outsourcing
  • functional outsourcing
  • SOW, time and materials solutions
  • transparent budgetary control
  • rapid mobilisation and talent retention
  • cost savings
  • quality and experience
  • a fully scalable service
  • a proven talent pool and insourcing solution
  • motivated and highly trained workforce.

By taking responsibility for service delivery, CK Aspire will enable you to deliver your core business operations while having full control and clarity over your budgets and project performance.

These flexible services are provided through our two main labour solutions:

  • functional service outsourcing – delivering teams or departments to help you to complete your project, study or function
  • recruitment process outsourcing – contracting out the recruitment part of a human resources function to an independent external specialist.

We have established strong credentials in a number of different environments including:

  • clinical research
  • biometrics
  • analytical chemistry
  • synthetic chemistry
  • clinical operations
  • drug safety and pharmacovigilance
  • medical information
  • medical writing.

As part of the CK Group, we have 25 years’ experience and hundreds of staff delivering flexible, resource-based solutions. We currently work with 26 of the top 30 pharma organisations, and a host of smaller life science and technology companies.

For more information on how CK Aspire can help you with your outsourcing needs, contact us.