Colep, a RAR Group company, is a leading European and South American manufacturer of aerosols for the cosmetics, personal care, beauty, homecare and healthcare markets, and a major supplier of tinplate and plastic packaging. Suspensions, foams, emulsions, liquids and gels, solutions and powders for a large number of applications are also included in its broad range of product categories.

With more than 50 years’ knowledge of aerosols, Colep’s customer base comprises leading companies from the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, in local and global markets, operating in high-value segments or specialised niches including wound care, medicated skin and haircare, pain relief, oral care, burn and itching relief, intimate care, professional sanitising, proctology and more. This range is continuously increased based on the company’s development work.

The company’s experienced project management, along its with established competencies in product development, process engineering and commercial manufacturing, tempted the market to start working with Colep at an early stage.

Its most popular services include:

  • contract manufacturing
  • contract development
  • contract research
  • co-development – as a partner and contact for the conversion of liquids and semi-liquids into foams, mousses and post-foaming formulations.

Through these offerings, Colep became known as the market leader in two-chamber systems, and specialised specifically in bag-on-valve (BOV) technology.


Colep’s healthcare division is a leading developer and manufacturer of the following:

  • pressurised packaging (bag-on-valve and aerosol) and airless pump sprays for RX and OTC pharmaceuticals, medical devices and derma cosmetics
  • filling of liquids
  • co-packing of medical devices.

The company also offers a full range of contract research, contract manufacturing and contract packaging services.

Colep’s expert healthcare research and development team is responsible for the development of many new formulations and innovative packaging solutions.

For example, it recently developed a two-chamber system that allows the mixing of two components for simultaneous dispensing, while also supporting customers launching products and advising them in the provision of suitable applications.

Considerable investments have been made over the last few years to increase capacities in research and development, and quality assurance. This has resulted in:

  • a co-development service in pharmaceutical formulation
  • the adaption of semi-solid formulations into spray formats
  • a unique mousse and foam technology that results in convenient products
  • a two-component dosing system for semi-solids and foams with a constant ratio
  • several medical devices with documentation and registration
  • continuous dispensing of sensitive formulations protected from light, moisture and air.

In terms of sustainability, Colep can supply products with the NATRUE certification, which is awarded for the use of natural propellants such as air, nitrogen, oxygen and/or carbon dioxide instead of conventional propellant systems.

Bag-on-valve technology

Bag-on-valve (BOV) technology is used whenever it is necessary to separate the product from the propellant, creating a dual compartment system packaging. In order to obtain this separation, the BOV system was developed, consisting of a valve upon which a flexible multilayer bag containing the product is assembled.

The BOV system uses compressed air or nitrogen as a propellant, thus reducing the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), also known as greenhouse gases.

Key advantages of bag-on-valve include:

  • complete separation between the product and the propellant (no air and no product degradation)
  • long-term product conservation in the bag (no contamination and no or fewer preservatives required)
  • the ability to be sprayed in any position
  • a laminated pouch that is FDA compliant for many pharma and food products
  • the wide range of standard sizes available (from 50-300ml)
  • 60-70% use of can volume, better than any other barrier pack
  • effectiveness with a broad range of viscosities
  • evacuation up to 99%
  • the use of compressed air or nitrogen as a propellant, which minimises flammability and VOC concerns
  • the use of existing cans and valve components
  • cost-competitiveness with other barrier systems.


To meet the needs of a fast-changing and dynamic market place, Colep offers a flexible complimentary packing, re-packing and assembly service. As an extension of its contract manufacturing activity, the company manages the supply chain from the sourcing and procurement of components through to their conversion into products/sets/packs via a total outsourcing approach. Services offered include:

  • labelling
  • blister packs
  • clam packs
  • cartoning
  • re-packing
  • promotional packaging
  • stickering
  • sleeving
  • gift sets
  • shrink wrapping
  • bespoke assembly
  • cello-wrapping
  • flow packing.