Laboratoria Smeets, a Belgium-based company, has more than 40 years’ experience in contract manufacturing and contract packing, with a special focus on pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products. Located near Antwerp, Belgium, the company has more than 50 employees who work across three sites totalling 7,400m2 in size.

The company is particularly proud of the fact that its activities are performed under current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and its customers appreciate the group’s excellent, confident, flexible and transparent services.

Laboratoria has an open-minded approach when it comes to overcoming obstacles. In conjunction with its know-how and the flexible equipment, the company is a popular partner for clients as a result of its work on industry-leading projects and creating new products. Laboratoria is especially well regarded for blending and packing powders.

Core competencies and activities

Laboratoria tailors the manufacturing process to its customer’s needs, providing everything from assistance with formulations to purchasing raw materials, and qualified-person releases. Its core competencies and certifications cover human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, as well as para-pharmaceuticals that include food supplements, feed additives and medical devices.

The group respects the unique character of its customers and their product portfolios.

When it comes to powders and liquids, the company is also adept at blending, and primary and secondary packaging. It is also recommended for hot melt extrusion for water-soluble granules that improve bio-availability.

Contract manufacturing and packing for powders and liquids

With its state-of-the-art equipment, Laboratoria is well known for mixing of powders that range from ten to 1,000kg a batch. For liquids, it can blend anything from 80 up to 1,500L a batch.

In addition, the company is often instructed for primary packaging; handling sachet packing for powders, liquids, tablets and capsules; and filling bottles and containers with powders and liquids. The company is an expert in boxing, labelling, trans-wrapping and flow wrapping, as well as barcode labelling and repacking for secondary and tertiary packaging.

Hot melt extrusion and continuous production of water-soluble granules

In conjunction with Ghent University, the company has developed a technique for producing water-soluble granules that contain poorly water-soluble drugs from Class II (poorly soluble and highly permeable) or Class IV (poorly soluble and poorly permeable) of the Biopharmaceutics Classification System. If active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are released at faster rates, it can often lead to an improved rate of bioavailability; decreasing the API intake can also result in the same clinical effect.

Quality management services

With an in-house laboratory and quality assurance services, Laboratoria provides services and support including:
– product development
– registration activities
– stability studies
– quality control analysis
– qualified person releases of finished products.

Laboratoria Smeets is a specialist in the field and is equipped with a valid pharmaceutical manufacturing licence, good-manufacturing licence, and manufacturing licences that cover feed and food, as well as bioproducts.

The group respects the unique character of its customers and their product portfolios, leaving their products and projects in competent hands.