Pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly using aerosol packaging components to enhance their brand identity and differentiation. Many have come to rely on the Coster Group for the design and manufacturing of customised components.

The Coster Group is a leading multinational provider of aerosol packaging components and filling machines. All segments of the market are served by its complete range of standard aerosol valves and actuators, spray caps, spray pumps and dispensers, which offer substantial manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

Group parent company Coster Tecnologie Speciali is based in Milan and heads 14 sister companies located in Argentina, France, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, UK and US. A significant portion of the Group’s global production capacity is located near Trento, in northern Italy, and includes R&D, custom design and production machinery capabilities. Aerosol filling lines are designed and manufactured in Milan.

Coster has demonstrated an ability to meet the requirements of large multinationals as well as medium and small local companies. In addition, its designers and production engineers work with clients to develop ad-hoc components.

Pharmaceutical products

The pharmaceutical industry’s regulatory environment is continuously changing and the already stringent quality standards are becoming increasingly challenging. Specifically designed to cover the industry’s high standards, Coster provides a wide range of solutions including:

  • standard actuators for nasal oral, dental, inhaled, topical and other applications
  • pressurised metered dose inhalers suitable for HFA or CFC-propelled formulations, which are also available from proprietary R&D
  • metering valves for asthma inhalers
  • pharmaceutical valves for upright, inverted and 360° use
  • spray pumps for nasal and oral applications, creams and skin care.

Coster also provides components and aerosol filling lines for applications including metered dose inhalers, oral, nasal, topical and BOV. The components and materials used in orally inhaled and nasal products are critical for the best medication performance: in-process controls and validation processes ensure that products are delivered with the required quality standards.

Filling machines

Coster’s filling and ancillary pharmaceutical machines range from semi-automatic units to high-performance automatic machines with a production capacity from 10 to 250cpm. Easy to operate, highly flexible, reliable, secure, long-lasting and with lowmaintenance, these machines are based on a modular design and make use of the same operating heads (product fillers, crimpers and propellant fillers) to guarantee continuity between laboratory testing and fullscale production, therefore minimising re-verification.

These machines allow safe handling of a wide range of products and propellants: they can be used to fill glass, plastic and aluminium containers in a range of 0.15ml to 1,000ml and to handle 20mm and 1in valves, as well as various pump configurations. Coster machines can meter products ranging from unpressurised water-based solutions to aggressive products, from alcoholic emulsions to aerosol suspensions, and are equipped to fill all types of propellants.

Coster works closely with customers assuring complete support from early development to full-scale production, installation and training.