DFE Pharma is a global leader in pharma- and nutraceutical excipient solutions. We develop, produce and supply high-quality functional excipients for use in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries for respiratory, oral solid dose (OSD), ophthalmic and parenteral formulations. Our excipients are used in numerous medicinal and nutraceutical products, including COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.

In our more than a century of heritage, we always work for customer satisfaction from formulation development support to excipient supply. We provide our customers with our comprehensive technical expertise and support to efficiently navigate any regulatory space.

DFE Pharma is committed to supporting (bio)pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in their journey to improve patients’ lives, driven by our purpose your medicines, our solutions. Moving to a healthier world.

A leading portfolio of premium quality excipients

We differentiate ourselves as a excipients supplier of choice through our track record and well-known reputation for quality and consistency. We offer a wide range of over 200 premium products that play an essential role as fillers, binders, disintegrants, carriers and stabilizers.

In the Biopharma field, our BioHale® portfolio is comprised by BioHale® Sucrose and BioHale® Trehalose Dihydrate, and can be used in various administration forms, such as for parenteral, inhalation, oral or ophthalmic route.

For Oral Solid Dose (OSD) formulations, we provide over 40 grades of milled-, sieved- and modified lactose, besides microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), superdisintegrants, starches and co-processed excipient solutions. We also develop customized blended forms.

As pioneers in the inhalation area, we produce a comprehensive range of lactose-based excipients, designed to offer the right characteristics for all inhaled medicines on the market. Furthermore, we can customize the lactose to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We also offer a comprehensive range of ingredients for nutraceutical products, comprising lactose including milled-, sieved-, anhydrous-, spray dried- and granulated lactose-, MCC, superdisintegrants, starches and multifunctional co-processed excipients.

Security of supply and technical support

We understand medicines and nutraceutical products are essential to patients and consumers and share our customers’ goal to deliver them in full and on time. To achieve this, we offer a Dual Sourcing system, meaning our products are produced at two different locations globally. So we can always be relied on the delivery of our products from one of our sites.

More than just a supplier, we are a partner in every phase of the product development and delivery.  In this partnership we are constantly developing new services to support our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies with technical expertise, as well as with supply-, time to market- and risk mitigation services, striving always towards 100% reliability in our supply and premium quality.

Continuous innovation

Together with customers, suppliers and partners, we work towards the development of innovative products and transformative production methods, including 3D printing, Continuous Manufacturing and Biopharma solutions.

In May 2022, we open a new Closer to Formulator (C2F) Center of Excellence in India. This center supports the formulation or re-formulation of products, working with R&D teams of pharmaceutical companies globally. C2F enhances industry capabilities in excipient selection and formulation design, in line with the FDA’s ‘Quality-by-Design’ (QbD) mindset of integrating expertise and therefore quality into a product from the very start.

Global footprint

DFE Pharma is headquartered in Goch, Germany, and has around 450 DFE Pharma’s employees working worldwide. Currently, we operate 5 production locations (in the Netherlands, Germany, India and New Zealand) with access to a broader manufacturing network, and 7 sales offices to be close to customers, providing products and services to more than 5,000 customers in over 100 countries worldwide.



BioHale® Sucrose

BioHale® Trehalose Dihydrate



Lactohale® 100

Lactohale® 200

Lactohale® 201

Lactohale® 206

Lactohale® 210

Lactohale® 220

Lactohale® 230

Lactohale® 300


Respitose® ML001

Respitose® ML003

Respitose® SV001

Respitose® SV003

Respitose® SV010

Respitose® SV014


Milled and Sieved Lactose


Pharmatose® 50M

Pharmatose® 60M

Pharmatose® 70M

Pharmatose® 80M

Pharmatose® 90M

Pharmatose® 100M

Pharmatose® 110M

Pharmatose® 125M

Pharmatose® 130M

Pharmatose® 150M

Pharmatose® 200M

Pharmatose® 200M NZ

Pharmatose® 350M

Pharmatose® 350M NZ

Pharmatose® 450M


Lactochem® Coarse Crystals

Lactochem® Crystals

Lactochem® Fine Crystals

Lactochem® Extra Fine Crystals

Lactochem® Coarse Powder

Lactochem® Powder

Lactochem® Regular Powder

Lactochem® Fine Powder

Lactochem® Extra Fine Powder

Lactochem® Super Fine Powder

Lactochem® Microfine

Modified Lactose


SuperTab® 11SD (spray dried)

SuperTab®® 11SD NZ (spray dried)

SuperTab® 14SD (spray dried)

SuperTab® 21AN (Anhydrous)

SuperTab® 22AN (Anhydrous)

SuperTab® 24AN (Agglomerated Anhydrous)

SuperTab® 30GR (Granulated)

SuperTab® 40LL (co-processed)

SuperTab® 50 ODT (Orally disintegrating tablets)                 


Lactopress® Anhydrous

Lactopress® Anhydrous Fine Powder

Lactopress® Anhydrous Powder

Lactopress® Granulated

Lactopress® Spray Dried

Lactopress® Spray Dried 250





Prejel PA5 PH

Solani Amylum


Pharmacel® 101

Pharmacel® 102

Pharmacel® 102

Pharmacel® 112

Pharmacel® sMCC 90


Nutracel™ 101 MCC

Nutracel™ 102

Pharmacel® 112

Pharmacel® sMCC 90

SuperTab® 11SD

SuperTab® 30GR

SuperTab® 21AN

SuperTab® 24AN

SuperTab® 40LL

SuperTab® 50 ODT

Pharmatose® 60M

Pharmatose® 100M

Pharmatose® 200M



Solani Amylum starch

Prejel PA5 PH

Nutroféli™ ST100

Nutroféli™ ST200

Nutroféli™ ST300