A wide range of anti-counterfeiting and security features are increasingly applied to the packaging of pharmaceutical products to fight counterfeiting and illegal products that are now reaching a global turnover of almost 500 billion US dollars.

However, all the efforts are made on the secondary packaging, usually a folder box with a number of overt (security features visible by naked eye), covert (security features invisible by the naked eye and that requires a special device in order to check them) and sometimes forensic (security features that require in-depth analysis in laboratory) security features applied during the multiple converting stages in the production of packaging.

Pharmaceutical companies are often looking for packaging designs with track and trace integrated technology such as 2D Barcode, RFID antennas, tamper evident technology , invisible features etc… to reach an increased security level in all production process starting from the origin. The number of anti-counterfeiting features and tamper evidence solutions available nowadays is extremely large and a multitude of different manufacturers offer the most varied technologies and production processes.

However, sometimes the protection against counterfeiting starts with the primary packaging and more specifically with the blister design. Printed blisters from 1 to 10 colours on one side or both side, with more complex print designs or with special inks are produced to try to limit the capabilities of illegal companies selling fake pharma or fake healthcare products , which has the same percentage of fake pharmaceuticals product and perhaps even more.

Diavy, an Italian company with 30 years of experience and specialist in the development and production of innovative holographic state of art technologies, has made a new development in this direction: an holographic feature made directly on the aluminium foil for pharma blister.

In order to provide the certainty of origin to the packed product, a micro-holographic embossing is made directly on the clear aluminium foil before the packaging process, without any coating or treatment as in the traditional techniques for embossed holography.

This special holographic embossing reports the applied holographic security features as brands, guilloches or any other distinguishing mark which identifies the manufacturer. The holographic feature is micro-embossed on the foil prior to the packing process and it is easily visible for the naked eyes of final consumer without using any forensic instrument and an immediate identification on the primary packaging from the customer is a safe and reliable approach.

Diavy is also a member of the International Hologram Manufacturer Association (IHMA) and we register every security holograms which is created.

The dedicated Master origination process of the holograms according to customer’s requirements, recombination process, special holographic shims creation and all the micro-holographic embossing process are manufactured inside the company on specific and dedicated machinery and equipment, that we have created and developed with MHT, our technological internal Division.
This can guarantee not only an excellent result but also the security and the certainty that the production is unique.

It is important to underline that this process of micro-holographic embossing is made directly on aluminium foil by embossing the surface without any coating or treatment before, and without any transfer technology such as cold or hot foil stamping that are not permanent and easily to remove.

Thanks to our revolutionary technology, the holographic security features are not reported, but becomes property and integral part of the material itself and therefore they are impossible to alter or counterfeit.

This revolutionary security feature of Holography DIRECTLY on Aluminum Foil has been patented by Diavy.