Dividella develops and produces pharma packaging solutions and systems for the secondary packaging of, for example, vials, ampoules, syringes, pens, combination packs, medical devices, blisters etc., which are packed into 100% mono-material cartons.

Our customers are pharma and biotech companies, among them most of the Top 30’s; they benefit from extensive engineering support. We work together to find optimised solutions for the safe packaging of sensitive products. The goal is a low total cost of ownership through the use of mono material, optimised pack sizes for the cold chain, as well as ease of use for the end user.

Volume savings of up to 50%

Dividella folding boxes are pure mono-material packaging, i.e. the folding box is made from 100% recyclable cardboard material. This distinguishes it from other conventional top-load packs. For customers in the pharmaceutical industry, this means that by using only one packaging material the space required and the transport costs can be significantly reduced.

Dividella reports volume savings of 25% to 50% compared with traditional blister packs. These figures are important in that many of these highly sensitive drugs are cold-chain products. The less space these products take up the better.

Toploading packaging process

Dividella’s packaging process begins with the carton erection. Using the rotor principle, the company’s machines achieve a consistent high-performance and high-quality carton. Once set up from flat carton and partition blanks, the carton is placed on a vacuum conveyor system and is moved through the machine.

Always adapting to your requirements

Dividella implements a customer-orientated service, with a top priority to discover the optimal packaging solution for any client. A suitable machine is chosen from the range, decided by production volume and batch size.

Dividella’s machines are modular, meaning increased flexibility. An almost unlimited number of packaging can be processed, whether the pharmaceutical product to be packaged is inclusive of a blister, de-nester, thermoformer, or magazine.

The packaging lines are designed with high attention to detail. Each machine is accurate and optimised for various load sizes. The Neo TOP x handles small to medium-sized lots, whereas the NeoTOP 804 and NeoTOP 1604 are designed for medium to very large-sized lots.

Line them up – product feeding systems

Next to specially adapted solutions for your products, we offer a variety of the following well-proven feeding systems:

  • vial/ampoule feeding system handling vertical or horizontal items at outputs up to 800 products/minute
  • syringe feeding system for simpler syringes at outputs of up to 200 syringes/minute
  • high-speed syringe feeding system for all types of syringes,with/without back-stop and safety device at outputs of up to 400 syringes/minute
  • blister feeding systems for objects which are pre-packed in blisters (f.e. plungers and needles, pen needle containers, swipes etc.)

Dividella has over 40 years of experience in packaging- and machine-development of our Toploading systems. The sustainability and modularity of our solutions are unique.