Lödige, the inventor of the Ploughshare® Mixer, is a leading supplier of machines and systems for mixing, granulating, coating, drying and reacting technologies throughout the world.

System solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Medicine productions worldwide are subject to the absolute highest standards regarding safety, purity and reproducibility. Our products and services are subject to these same internationally valid quality standards.

This means: all our systems for versatile applications in the field of solid products manufacture are developed and implemented in accordance with the complex body of rules and regulations governing laboratories and production lines. In the context of these criteria, our specific processing know-how for mixing, drying and coating systems forms the basis of our innovative system solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Over decades of close cooperation with representatives from major manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, our skills have been extended and proven in more than 1,000 supplied systems.

Mixing and granulating in a horizontal system

The invention of the Ploughshare® Mixer has had a lasting effect on mixing and processing technology. Large numbers of patented innovations are based on this system, and quality of Lödige processing systems has been practice-proven in the pharmaceutical industry for many years.

Ploughshare® Shovels rotate in special arrangement along the horizontal shaft inside a horizontal, cylindrical mixing drum.

The size, number, positioning, geometric shape and peripheral speed of the mixing elements are coordinated for three dimensional movement of the components inside the mixing drum. The resultant turbulence – the so-called fluid bed mechanically generated – prevents the formation of dead or static zones and results in gentle, precision mixing within the shortest possible time.

This process is highly suitable for mixing processes whereby the components have widely differing bulk densities, particle sizes and rheological features as well as highly different mass fractions. The requested mixing precision is always achieved.

Mixing and granulating in a vertical system

Mixing granulators are standardised systems complying with all requirements of the GMP/WIP design. These systems are particularly easy to clean − low-maintenance is a further feature of the Lödige mixing granulators.

Our mixing granulator is available in different sizes suitable for batches from 0.5 to 960l.

The machine is equipped with a bottom drive mixing impeller, a heating jacket and is designed for vacuum, which enables mixing, granulating and drying in one machine.

Drying, granulating and coating in a fluid bed processor

The Lödige Fluid Bed Processor LFP is available in different sizes suitable for batches from 0.1 to 1,800kg. A wide range of options ensures customisation to your requirements and conditions.

The fluid bed technology of the Lödige LFP achieves constant and reproducible product quality while ensuring gentle processing in short process times.

Processes ranging from powdery to free-flowing materials can be carried out as well as the drying of moist products such as moist granulates. Powders, granulates and other shapes can also be coated in this system.

Continuous wet granulation and drying in a Lödige GRANUCON

The GRANUCON® system is a complete, continuous production line from powder to compression-ready granules. This range comprises dosing units, mixers, sieve/rasp and a comprehensive control system.

Continuously from powder to granules

Compared to a batch process, the continuous operation allows the same product to be processed at much lower cost thanks to:

  • less product handling
  • plug flow, minimum product loss during starting and downtime
  • less manpower
  • smaller machines – less cleaning
  • continuous process monitoring (PAT) – less costs
  • less space required in the GMP area
  • scale-up to production size can be easily performed while the system is running.

Coating in a Lödige Coater LC

Lödige LC Coaters are used for processing different shapes of tablets, capsules and pellets, and operate on the co-current, under-pressure principle.

A total of 30-100% of the working capacity of the coater can be used without modification of the system.

As well as the coater itself, the LC Coating System includes the inlet air treatment, the exhaust air system, the controls, liquid dosing, feeding and discharging as well as the CIP system.

Along with cost, optimal process control, and easy handling and cleaning were top priorities during the development of the coater.