Genionics AG is a privately funded Swiss Biotech company, established in 2007 at the Biotech Centre Zurich. The company is dedicated to the genetic diversity of ion channels and is in the process of building and marketing a comprehensive catalogue of ready-to-use ion channel targets.

Through collaboration with academia, Genionics is building unique knowledge of the functional consequences of differences in coding sequences of ion channel genes. Its core business focus is three-fold: to provide ion channel targets as ready-to-use cell lines and established assays, to offer allele screening services and to develop channelopathy diagnostics.

The Channelopathy Database: Together with the Channelopathy Foundation, Genionics is creating a high quality, fully searchable, non-redundant, curated database in a standard format that will contain genotype, phenotype, sequence data, pharmacological and biophysical properties as well as general information regarding channelopathies.

Ion Channel Assays: Genionics offers ion channel assays optimised for automated patch clamping. All cell lines are validated in GLP format including optimised cell culture procedures. Both ligand-gated and voltage-gated ion channels are available in various host cell backgrounds. So far, targets cover the disease areas of cardiovascular, epilepsy, neuromuscular, pain and inflammation. Cell lines can be used for all stages of drug discovery including safety and toxicity studies.

Scientific Support Services: Genionics is committed to setting up successful assays at customer sites. Its extensive in-house experience in electrophysiology (both manual and automated), in ion channel subunit formation and in cell culture is available. The company also offers custom-made ion channel expressing cell lines.

Genionics maintains highest quality standards in its day-to-day operations and is awaiting GLP accreditation from Swissmedic.