GL Biochem is an internationally well-recognized peptide reagent, custom peptide and antibody manufacturing company with a 450,000 sq ft headquarter based in Shanghai and a total of 5 global manufacturing sites and 2 R&D centers worldwide, having more than 1500 staffs including top professionals with strong Biotech industry background. GL Biochem is able to provide high quality, value-added and high-tech peptide related products through strong and diverse capability, and more than 13 years’ excellent management experience and economy of scale.

Peptide reagents and building blocks

  • Peptide coupling reagents: BOP reagent, HBTU, HOBt, TBTU
  • Fmoc-amino acids, Boc-Amino Acids, Z-Amino Acids
  • Protecting reagents: Fmoc-Cl, Fmoc-OSu
  • Linkers for solid phase synthesis: HMP linker, DHP linker, Rink amide linker
  • Unusual amino acids: Homo-tyrosine, DL-m-tyrosine, Nal, Pal, 4-Cl-Phe-OH
  • Generic Peptide: Octreotide…
  • cGMP Peptide

Custom services

  • Custom Organic Synthesis
  • Custom Peptide Synthesis
  • Custom antibody service
  • Contract Research/Manufacture
  • Full Time Employee

GL Biochem has accumulated much technical know-how during past 20 years including many ‎scientific and technological achievements awarded at Provincial and National levels, for example, 35 Chinese patents have been approved, over 20 papers have been published in the peptide related scientific journals. Armed with many state-of-the-art and highly sophisticated peptide instrumentations; including 400Hz NMR, 2 units of FT-IR, 10 units of LC-MS(ESI and Maldi Tof), Amino Acid Analyzer, 96/102 well automated peptide synthesizers, microwave-assisted peptide synthesizer, microplate reader, 200+ units of analytical and preparative HPLC, GL Biochem are able to produce more than 10,000 peptides per month. Global market share in R&D custom peptide industry has exceeded 60%. GL Biochem has become the largest and most recognizable peptide reagents, custom peptide and antibody producers worldwide and renowned among many international and domestic customers for having the most completed listing of peptide related products ever offered in the market!

As part of the expansion plans, GL Biochem has successfully acquired an antibody manufacturing company in 2008 and added fast-growing antibody products/services into its business portfolio and since then GL Biochem has continued to look out for better M&A opportunity. In 2011, GL Biochem seized a good business opportunity to acquire an Australian peptide company. This acquisition not only further substantiated GL’s position as the top ranking peptide company in the world but also enlarged GL’s technical and sales superiority in the peptide business arena. In 2016, the acquisition of Peptech Corporation, who is one of the earliest chemistry service providers with operations in China, enabled GL Biochem to provide high quality CRO, FTE services to pharmaceutical and biotech industries at very competitive prices.