Whether you are designing a new water system or retrofitting an existing system with on-line analysers, Hach Lange products provide the information necessary for the highest quality assurance.

The company brings together trusted names in the industry to offercomplete analysis for purified water (PW), water for injection (WFI), pure steam and high purity water (HPW) in the analysis of totalorganics, dissolved gases and trace particles.

Anatel total organic carbon (TOC) and conductivity systems were the first ever designed for online use and specifically created to help meet requirements of USP <643> and <645>. As required by the USP and EP, all Anatel analysers assure complete oxidation of the organics with the unique ‘dynamic end-point detection’ algorithm. Designed as a fully compliant TOC analyser that meets the requirements of USP, EP and JP requirements for TOC and conductivity, the Anatel PAT700 enables process compliance in the most demanding regulatory environments.

Polymetron conductivity analysers ensure industry standards are met for ultrapure water systems. The Polymetron 9126 Purecal is an easy-to-use portable calibration system used as a certified reference for validation in on-line ultrapure water conductivity measuring systems and meets USP, EP and JP standards.

For water systems that use ozone for sanitisation, Orbisphere dissolved gas analysers are ideal for integration into pharmaceutical water systems. Orbisphere controllers analyse a single channel or monitoring of the feed tank, post-destruction and return lines using a single point of control can be performed easily. For measuring ozone in ultrapure water loops, the Orbisphere C1100 ozone sensor with the Orbisphere 510 provides operators ‘True Zero’, driftfree accurate measurements that reduce production line stoppages and waste.

For the most critical applications including WFI, high accuracy particle counters have long been considered the industry standard for performance to meet USP, EP, JP and KP compendia tests.