Hamo is a cleaning technology company specialising in process cleaning for the pharmaceutical industry. What really sets Hamo apart from other washer manufacturers is their focus on: Environmental awareness, customization, performance, and compliance.

One of the most wasteful processes for any manufacturer is CIP batch cleaning of large containers. Not only is the actual cost of water and chemicals and the employee labor time spent cleaning these large containers high, but it typically takes at least three rinses to clean batch containers, wasting the large volume of water necessary to fill these tanks. By using Hamo’s newest high pressure cleaning system, that water usage can be reduced upwards of 90% and often without cleaning chemicals. This alone can save a manufacturer many thousands of dollars in pure water production in addition to reducing the chemical load in the waste stream, further protecting the environment.

Performance and customization

Performance and customization go hand in hand. Hamo is very cognizant of the fact that different parts/soils require customized solutions. To that end, cleaning process development is accomplished in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Biel, Switzerland. The collaboration between Hamo design engineers and owner process engineers to ensure that all racks and baskets are customized specifically to their cleaning needs is paramount. The customization process goes farther by being the only manufacturer to offer Roto-Drive, an available internal drive system designed to tumble hard to clean and dry objects, such as vial stoppers, caps, small parts and synthetic items. By turning the objects themselves, the area that comes in contact with the cleaning solution, rinse water and drying is greatly enlarged, ensuring complete cleaning.

Hamo also offers customizable solutions for various sized objects, such as IBC’s, large filter housings, reusable hoses, etc. Ultrasonic cleaning can be incorporated into the spray washing process to aid in cleaning small items. Additional drying system (all Hamo washers come with a drying system standard) for difficult to dry items such as synthetic hoses and rubber stoppers can be added as required. This additional drying cycle blows more air across the surfaces to remove any remaining liquid, reducing the chance of microbial growth.

To meet all compliancy standards, all Hamo products offer systems that include FDA/EHEDG compliant components, full build documentation up through 3.1B vendor documents, FAT/SAT testing and IQ/OQ protocols and execution.

The new PG Series 800 & 1300 (Pharma grade) cGMP washers

As a modern counterpart to the original washer designs, Hamo has recently introduced its PG Series ("Pharma Grade"), the most current cGMP parts washer in the industry today. The chamber design includes 30mm radius corners, greater than 3 degree slope for draining, is completely polished and has no probes or heating elements in the sump. Zero liquid retention in the chamber, sump or piping assures the highest level of cross contamination prevention. Pass through machines capable of total barrier control, with no atmospheric leakage, maintain air quality integrity with no requirement of additional clean air production in your clean room.

High pressure cleaning systems replaces CIP: mobile and stationary

Hamo has recently introduced a high pressure cleaning system designed to replace CIP processes for fixed and mobile drums, IBC’s, tanks and other large items. It has a precision designed, hydraulically rotating head that will clean the inside of containers, drums and pipes with 100% repeatable results. This is accomplished while conserving nearly 90% of the pure water currently required in the standard CIP processes. The key to this savings is the use of a high pressure water system that penetrates and washes away all contaminants without the need to flood the containers. As with all Hamo washers, this high pressure system includes a Siemens PLC control system to assure repeatable, documented results.

HAMO T21 and T420 become the upgraded Hamo 210 and 420 parts washers

Hamo’s T21 and T420 washers have been operating in pharmaceutical facilities for 20 years. Some of the original machines are still operated daily. These tried and true products have been upgraded to HAMO 210 and 420. They now include Pharma Grade features such as IDRS (Independent Direct Rinse System). Now equipped with Siemens PLC controls these washers have more programming and validation flexibility. As importantly, wash racks used in previous model will fit in the new washer, saving capitol expense on replacement or expansion equipment.

Company history

HAMO began manufacturing and selling dishwashers to the European market in 1955. This led to the development of their first laboratory glassware washer in the early 1960’s. In 1990 Hamo introduced the world’s first microprocessor controlled washer with the capability of communicating via RS232 with data acquisition equipment. Throughout the 1990’s continued developments in GMP washing protocols were developed and Hamo became a leading provider of washers to the pharmaceutical industry.