Logista Pharma is the division of Grupo Logista that specialises in distribution for the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies, providing services that set it apart in multiple areas of its value chain. We provide services for multiple pharmaceutical channels: pharmacies, hospitals, health centres, wholesalers, researchers, doctors and patients.

We cover all of the "non-core" services that may be required by a laboratory in order to carry out its business in Spain and Portugal: logistics and transport operations, order-to-cash process management, customer service for points of sale, repackaging and re-labelling, importation and stock replenishment management. Our facilities and quality systems are certified in accordance with European GMP (good manufacturing practices) and GDP (good distribution practices) guidelines.

Transportation is divided between a further three divisions of Grupo Logista.

Logesta is the company belonging to the group that specialises in the long-distance transport of full lorry/truck loads. We have over 350 refrigerated vehicles, with coverage in all of the EU and its bordering countries, and route monitoring with connection 24×7 to a central alarm monitoring headquarters at our facilities. We carry out 100% monitoring of night time rest periods in a European-wide network of lorry parks with security services, and we can count on cutting-edge on-board equipment. We guarantee traceability, real-time temperature control, and have contingency and training plans specifically for pharma that always guarantee GDP compliance.

Integra2 is an interlinked transport network, specialising in the pharmaceutical sector. We offer temperature-controlled distribution solutions: FRIOFARMA (between +2 and +8ºC) and FARMA (below +25ºC). With 60 transit warehouses and over 1,000 refrigerated vehicles, Integra2 is GDP (good distribution practices) certified in Spain and Portugal, and for the seventh year running has obtained the CCQI Standard (cool chain quality indicator). Integra2 provides a robust offer in network distribution for the pharmaceutical-healthcare channel (wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies and health centres).

Nacex carries out guaranteed deliveries to hospitals as well as pharmacies, due to the fact that it is a sector that requires traceability, exact compliance with delivery times, and information and management for the whole distribution process, all of which are our main competitive advantages. In addition, we have insulated packaging, especially designed for these kinds of goods. The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict regulations and Nacex complies with all required standards throughout the logistics chain. In this sector, compliance with delivery times is key, and Nacex guarantees delivery within the tightest of time frames, based on the needs of the client: delivery before 08:30, before 10:00, before 12:00, before 19:00, etc.

Grupo Logista

Grupo Logista is the leading distributor of products and services to proximity retailers in southern Europe, serving some 300,000 delivery points within capillary retail networks in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, so facilitating the best and fastest market access to tobacco related and convenience products, electronic top-ups, pharmaceuticals, books, publications and lotteries, among others.

The group has built a unique business model in southern Europe, combining its comprehensive distribution and logistics services with exclusive value-added services.

Advanced services provided to clients, both manufacturers and points of sale, include those offered in real time through point of sale terminals, as well as business intelligence tools facilitating products access from manufacturers to the end consumer and so flexibly satisfy its clients’ needs.

Thus, Grupo Logista becomes the best partner to provide products and services to the end consumer with an intelligent and efficient distribution through a convenient capillary retail network located next to the consumer.