Lucideon is an independent provider of materials development, testing and analysis, and assurance.

In addition to the vast range of testing and materials development that we do for the medical devices and consumer healthcare industries, we now perform pharmaceutical quality control testing.

We have invested £1.5 million in new pharmaceutical chemistry and microbiology laboratories, and have recruited an experienced team of scientists to provide accurate and reliable data and analysis.

We work with the pharmaceutical, veterinary, healthcare and related industries.


The services provided are undertaken in compliance with EU guidance on GMP as it applies to contract QC testing laboratories. Our laboratories were successfully inspected in September by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for compliance with cGMP. Certificates of GMP compliance, for quality control testing of human and veterinary medicinal products, have been issued and are available on our websites.

APIs, raw materials, finished products, medical devices

Our experts are versed in API, raw material, finished products and medical device analysis utilising pharmacopoeial (Ph. Eur., USP, BP, JP), in-house-developed or client-supplied methodology.

We are committed to both the accuracy of our data and to promised turnaround times.

We offer:

Pharmaceutical chemistry

  • QC (batch release) testing
  • raw materials testing
  • residual solvent testing (organic volatile) impurities – OVI)
  • method development and validation
  • stability storage and testing
  • water analysis.

Pharmaceutical microbiology

  • sterility testing
  • antimicrobial efficacy testing (AET)
  • microbial limits testing
  • bioburden determination
  • endotoxin testing
  • environmental monitoring and identification
  • water analysis.

Method development and validation

Our experienced scientists can develop new methods for your products. These can be developed and validated to ICH guidelines, which include the following parameters:

  • linearity
  • limit of detection (LOD)
  • limit of quantification (LOQ)
  • specificity (including stability of solutions)
  • precision (method, intermediate and system)
  • accuracy (recoveries)
  • robustness
  • forced degradation.

What makes us stand out from other pharmaceutical testing labs?

We’re unique in that we don’t just offer routine pharmaceutical testing; we also provide a vast range of back-up analytical services, such as advanced surface analysis. This, together with the materials development work that we do (for example, in the area of inorganic controlled release technologies), helps our clients to optimise their products and processes and, ultimately, their profits.