LVS manufactures and sells print quality inspection and barcode verification systems for both off-line and in-line applications. LVS® systems address the regulatory requirements of track and trace serialized products through the supply chain.


Off-line verifiers include the desktop INTEGRA 9510, handheld INTEGRA 9570 and portable INTEGRA 9580. The INTEGRA 95XX Series verifiers are unique in the world of ISO verification due to their ease of use and ability to verify linear (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) codes without any change of equipment; autodiscriminate the symbology, narrow bar width and aperature to be used to evaluate the code; and highlight trouble spots in the code. The INTEGRA 95XX Series of verifiers offer numerous, impressive analytical tools to identify and evaluate barcode problems. The INTEGRA 95XX Series are certified by GS1 US and are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant-ready.


The in-line LVS 7000 system is a high speed, user-friendly vision system that improves the quality inspection process. The LVS 7000 verifies to ISO/IEC standards all bar codes and matrix codes as they are printed, validates sequential or random number sequences, and fullfills the normal print quality inspection steps. Features include:

  • Delta E Color Process Control – Detects color variations by comparing the trained color (also called the master color) to the image color currently displayed in the field of view. The Delta E module continuously calculates the average RGB and L*a*b* values of all the pixels within a sector according to CIE 2000 specifications
  • Master-to-Label Comparison – Detects blemishes, smears, skews, missing copy, print registration and edge determination
  • Full ISO (ANSI) verification of 1D and 2D Barcodes, including Linear, Data Matrix and Stacked codes. Verifies codes in any orientation
  • OCR/OCV Inspection – File Matching; Duplicate Checking; and Random or Sequential Data Validation
  • LVS® Roll Inspection Mapping System (RIMS) – Designed to complete the workflow process. Linked to the LVS 7000 or LVS® 7500, LVS RIMS will map and record each error deteced on the press. The electronic mapping file can be called up remotely with the Quality Control Manager to be pre-cleaned for errors and special directions entered for the finishing operator. Using a simple and easy-to-use tracking module, LVS RIMS will automatically stop the rewind (rewind must be capable)
  • HMI Command Center – Beneficial for customers needing to view and interact with multiple vision systems in remote locations from a single monitor. The system uses a dual-monitor console to view and fully interact with a maximum of nine LVS® 7000/7500 systems, or non-LVS systems
  • AutoScan Web Viewer – Allows an operator to simultaneously monitor and analyze up to 16 areas of interest per job on the web without having to manually move between each area of interest
  • PDF Comparator – Allows the comparison of PDF artwork to the LVS golden image for the actual print job

The LVS 7000 can be mounted on a press, slitter/rewinder, folder gluer, conveyor and most other inspection platforms.

The LVS 7500 offers 100% print quality inspection and barcode verification capabilities for use with Thermal Transfer Printers and other media. Built on the powerful LVS 7000 software platform, the LVS 7500 functions include master-to-label comparison (blemish detection), barcode verification (1D and 2D) , barcode validation, optical character recognition (OCR), optical character verification (OCV), field matching, and number/data validation. The LVS 7500 provides a cost-effective means to identify defects, avoid liability, reduce re-work, and control waste resulting from labeling or print quality errors.


For over 30 years, LVS has designed, developed, and manufactured print quality vision inspection and verification systems, leveraging our patented methodology in bar code imaging and ISO (ANSI) bar code grading. LVS has installations in over 40 countries and maintains a commitment of excellence to our customers, the print industry and the vision products we produce. LVS is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified; a GS1-US Solution Provider; and our INTEGRA 95XX products are GS1-US certified.


LVS received ISO 9001:2008 certification from the National Quality Assurance, USA (NQA, USA). The receipt of ISO 9001:2008 registration is the most widely recognized standard for quality management systems. ISO 9001:2008 certification validates LVS’ commitment to all our clients and guarantees that continued improvement and compliance is achieved.
LVS’ manufacturing processes are 21 CFR Part 820 Compliant (cGMP).


LVS is proud to be a GS1 US Solution Partner.