METTLER TOLEDO’s MSS is for manufacturers and packagers that are looking for a compact, portable and user-friendly table-top device for serialising small batch sizes of folded boxes.

The MSS combines every component required for serialising and end-to-end tracking in a single, moveable unit that can be positioned in the immediate vicinity of a production line with very little effort.

Simple and precise operation

The MSS has a high-quality inkjet printer for applying serialisation codes and readable text, which can be freely moved or adjusted along the vertical and horizontal axes. This enables operators to optimise the station easily for different carton sizes, meaning that changeovers can be completed quickly and with minimum disruption.

Smart camera with in-line grading

The MSS supports carton sizes of up to 220×360×190mm (height × length × depth), so it can also be used in cases where the automatic serialisation of bigger cartons is not possible. Cartons can be placed on a light and moveable carbon-fibre plate with adjustable side lays, which enables the code printer to be positioned quickly and precisely. Printed codes are then verified using a smart camera with in-line grading of the print quality.

The operator can set up and configure the MSS using the 110in touchscreen panel’s intuitive menu navigation. This can be rotated by 90° and provides additional flexibility in terms of fitting into whatever space is available.

The MSS combines every component required for serialising, code verifying and data management in a single compact unit, and is not only made for small batch sizes but also for big carton sizes.

Serialisation with PLM direct

METTLER TOLEDO PCE’s Line Manager (PLM) direct software enables serial numbers and order data to be exported in a standard XML format. In conjunction with the MSS, the software ensures quality assurance processes comply with guidelines.

Direct connection

PLM direct is tailored specifically to the requirements of individual stations that are not part of complex production lines. METTLER TOLEDO thereby addresses application scenarios in which manufacturers connect the line management software directly to higher-level ERP, MES or cloud services.

Market support

PLM direct is preconfigured by METTLER TOLEDO, according to customer requirements, and the software supports the known coding scenarios of the relevant markets, including GS1 and non-GS1.